Quarantine survival tips for extroverts and perfectionists — and those who live with them

I know we usually live with these people, but this is a whole different level of ‘living’ so some understanding of what exactly goes on for them is helpful. Does your child or your spouse draw energy from engaging with… Continue Reading →

Our guide to winning on Mother’s Day

This simple guide will help you get ready for Mother’s Day this weekend. we’ve put together some simple gift ideas – home made or bought, some menu suggestions and some activities for you to do together. You can thank us… Continue Reading →

Working with parents to provide practical strategies for home-supported learning

This is a condensed version of an article from Teacher Magazine, offering an evidence based approach to how parents can support their children’s learning at home. Again the emphasis is assuring parents they are not meant to be the teacher… Continue Reading →

How to help young children regulate their emotions and behaviours during the pandemic

There is some really interesting insights and practical play based ways to help young children regulate their emotions in this lock down era in this article. Self regulation is an important skill for our children to develop. We work on… Continue Reading →

What works.. What matters.

These words came from Gabby Straud, teacher and author on a recent ABC  Q & A  program. Her advice for parents who are grappling with their new realities around their children learning from home, was to stop ourselves repeatedly asking… Continue Reading →

Parents and teachers, who does what

When we are home learning, Parents have plenty of jobs, being ‘the teacher’ is not one of them. Parents are there to supplement what teachers do, their focus is on helping their children be ready for learning and ensuring they… Continue Reading →

Students won’t get through all school content while learning at home: here are 3 things to prioritise

Ha, I bet you knew this already. What to prioritise? I think we all want to know… Read more…    

Leading the way for children during the COVID-19 pandemic

Another one about helping your children cope with COVID-19. How to talk to them and importantly how to keep connected to your communities. Read more…

COVID-19 does your parenting rulebook still apply?

It’s an interesting question, now that we are all living together 24/7 with few outside influences, other than the screens we try to limit. I love the first one… put yourself first. Some wise person said you can only help… Continue Reading →

Talking to young people about coronavirus – Phase One: bewilderment and fear.

Figuring out what to say to your children about Coronavirus is hard enough, but with the mixed messages we are all getting it is nearly impossible. Here’s something that might help from Andrew Fuller. Talking to young people about coronavirus… Continue Reading →

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