With the first round of restictions lifted we are starting to feel a little more normal, but there is still a long way to go before we can do all the things we love, so here’s a list of fun things to try while you still have the opportunity… when this is all done don’t wonder what you did with your time!

Fun things to try

1. Read read read – the school library is open and so are many book shops. With the cooler weather and shorter days get those pages turning

2. Learn a language – it’s not for everyone but for some it is fun, we’ve been doing virtual French with a class – it is great.

3. Draw, paint, write, compose – let what’s in there out, if you are that way inclined

4. Host a virtual dinner party – all cook the same thing (here’s some ideas to get you started on the menu) or all order in!

5. Explore your neighbourhood – whilie you’re exercising of course – look for garden ideas, decorating inspiration or your new house

6. Watch a movie with a friend – pick something that you’ll both love or something you know you love and bunker down together but apart

7. Karaoke night – it’s all set for you here – get some friends and sing along (or sing with strangers!)

8. Camp at home – set up the tent, get the fire pit roaring, toast marshmellows and hang out with your family – best part, once the kids are asleep you can sneak inside to your warm comfy bed!

9. Virtually travel – some of the worlds best museums have opened their virtual doors… MoMA, The Uffizi, Musee D’Orsay or the Tait Gallery.

10. Write a letter or post a gift to someone to brighten their day

There are so many more great things happening out there – get involved in this funny virtual world.