Our teachers and students (even if they don’t tell you!) appreciate the incredible efforts you are making in juggling your time and resources (physical and emotional) in order to support your children with our remote learning program.

So to say thanks, and to help answer some questions or give you some time out to share with each other we have created the What Works and What Matters blog. There are two themes. What Works: Share those ideas, tips and advice that have helped you keep yourselves sane and your children motivated. What Matters: What has changed for you, maybe what reflections you would like to share about how your thinking and priorities have shifted during this time of uncertainty or something great that has made you happy (it’s amazing how little things now make us happy).

What we have so far is a start, but it is a bit academic, like me, I imagine you can only take so much news about Coronavirus and about Remote Learning, so we encourage you to share things you do when you have a minute, recipes, craft ideas, jigsaw swaps, what you’re doing in your street, really good take away food, great delivery options, good online plays, concerts or whatever it is that is making you and your family smile.

You can comment on posts (be nice please) or share your own ideas by emailing nicole.roache@geelongcollege.vic.edu.au and we will share your ideas and thoughts with our community.  All we need is a little blurb about whatever it is, a link (if there is one), a pic (if you have one) and your name (or you can be anonymous).

The rules of engagement are that this is a place of sharing, what works or matters for some, may not for others, so if it isn’t for you, please move on. Let’s keep things positive and if you have a question about Remote Learning, School policy or the like the place for that is in an email to your Head of School or the Principal.

Let’s stay connected and remember we are all in this together…

Joan Gill

Director of Student Wellbeing – Programs