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Unfortunately I have noticed that my desire to get advice and feedback on my approach to introducing blogging to my students via this blog site is not working. So far, only very few have visited this site, so I took some actions to get it ‘out there’; e-mailed it to my colleagues, posted it on Twitter and also informed a person who works for edublogs about my documentation and blogging about blogging.

My tweet was retweeted a couple of times on Twitter and it gained me a few new followers, yet no comments on my blogs. It was also published in the edublogs weekly magazine, yet still no comments on my posts.


The edublogger Weekly Roundup

I would really like to be communicating with people about their journey with blogging and get feedback in conjunction with ideas for utilising it effectively with my students, yet, without an audience, this blogging is merely a journal, not a collaborative online learning space; not fulfilling the purpose that I believe a blog should.

Thoughts on how to get this site working more collaboratively? Ironically, I may have just asked myself that question (pondering whether to comment a reply … ) …

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