Savvy Seconds

The students second structured attempt at posting was to share their topic ideas and message about a TED project they have been working on at school and comment on their progress. We spoke about finding an image that conveys an emotional message in relation to their topic to upload with their comment. We discussed using imagery to generate a response and ‘hooking’ their audience to read the post.

In addition to this, I posted an overview about the student’s TED Projects on the class page and left the feeder for them to share what their TED topic is any why they chose that topic. I showed the students the post I had created on our Homeroom Page and told them that I wanted them to comment on it as a form of sharing their ideas at some stage, however, one week on … only one student has commented!


What are others noticing about how students are using the blogs for discussion and collaboration? How can I teach the notion of online feedback better to my students so that they utilise their blogs in this way also?

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