Basic Line Follower Week 8

Line Follower!

This challenge was quite easy because Mr Mckie had all ready sent us the code for the challenge. I really liked this challenge because when the robot slightly went out of the black line it waddles back in like a penguin. I learnt to check my code before getting angry because I had my code right the whole time and I kept asking people that had already finished what the code was. I was so silly because I had it on red the whole time and the sensor was trying to look for red instead black. This challenge was so fun and I can’t wait to see what the teachers have install for us next term. Here is a video of our robot working.

Colour Sensor Week 7

Colour Sensor!

My group and I were having a lot trouble at the start with this challenge, our code was not behaving at all. Then Will came over and helped us with the code and it finally started working. The the aim of this technic is when the sensor picks up colour it stops. I really enjoyed this challenge and I had a lot of fun. Here is a video of our robot working.


Loop Challenge!

This challenge was impossible because we had to trim the paper so there was enough room and it did not touch the paper. It also had to got round in a square shape which really hard to get the angles right. But once we were finished we were so relived. I can’t wait to see what other challenges are install for us throughout the year!

Touch Sensor Week 6

Touch Sensor!

Finally today my group was back and together we completed the The touch sensor task. The touch sensor is very cool because it can indicate were an object is and then the robot stops. Here is a video for the touch sensor challenge and it working. This is probably my favourite challenge that we have done so far. I really enjoyed this challenge and can’t wait for the comings lessons when when get to experiment with a colour sensor.

Display Block week 5


Display Block Challenge

I thought the display block challenge was very complicated and challenging at first, but then when I had done the main code, which you need to make to it work I just played around With the text, direction and speed. And I made it say hello I’m Icabog  and although my team members were not there I still had a lot fun!















Pivot Turn

The pivot turn challenge was quite easy because Mrs Malone had already sent us then code for it.


But at the start of this lesson I was very stuck and I had no idea what to do because my 2 group members, Emma and Lexi, were not here. Because I was not sure where my group was up to, I decided to make the code for a pivot turn, following the instructions above. Here is a screen snip of  my code for the pivot turn. Next I’m going to attempt to do the  display block challenge.

Week 2 Robotics

In Week 2 we managed to complete the programming challenge for our EV3 robot Icabog.

Creating: What should I do next

In our coming lessons we have to figure out how to make Icabog move backwards.

Evaluating: How will did do

I think we worked very well as a team because we all had a job and we stuck to it  and it made it so much quicker.

Understanding: What was important about our learning

That we record our learning on a blog post so we can recall what we have done.


Lego Robotics Day 1

Three weeks ago it was the first session of robotics as well as my birthday. It was a great day Lexi, Emma and I built our first robot called Icabog. We had to Collaborate and work as a team.

At times it was quite challenging but most most of the time we worked really well together. Here are is a video  and a photo of us and our robot so far.


Welcome to your new Digital Portfolio


Welcome to your College Digital Portfolio! A Digital Portfolio is like having your own website. It is a place for you to learn about being an active and responsible digital citizen by creating a portfolio of your best work to showcase and share with others. Through the creation of a blog, you will be able to write regular reflections and share your learning journey through photo and video with your teachers, parents, each other and possibly even experts from all around the world.

For more information and support, speak to your teacher, explore, play and learn from each other! Learn how to publish your first post by visiting Publish your First Post. After that see what you can do! Visit the Edublogs User Guide for more help developing your new online space.

There are so many ways in which to use your space, for example:

  • Documenting and reflecting on your learning, passions, and interests, both in and out of school
  • Curating and highlighting work for your Student-Led Conferences
  • In some instances, your teachers will also ask you to submit, reflect and comment on other students work in this portfolio

That’s enough to get you going. Your Digital Portfolio should be a fun, enriching and rewarding way to explore, find or create your place in the world. Good luck!