Week 3!

Remembering: what did I do? Me Harper, Amelia and Harriet did where taking turns in program our robot this was hard. We where trying to make do a rectangle, I also programmed our robot to do a dance. When our robot was doing it’s dance someone picked up our robot and started pressing the buttons really hard, when I got our robot back and tried to get to do something to didn’t work, it was broken. We told a teacher and they said they would try to fix it but they didn’t.


understanding: what was important about it? The thing that was important was that we where trying to get our robot to do a rectangle, without giving up when it wasn’t working. We where trying things to see if they would work and if they didn’t we would try something different.

applying: where could I use this again?

I could use this again when we start to combine some of our programs together.

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