Week 3!

Remembering: what did I do? Me Harper, Amelia and Harriet did where taking turns in program our robot this was hard. We where trying to make do a rectangle, I also programmed our robot to do a dance. When our robot was doing it’s dance someone picked up our robot and started pressing the buttons really hard, when I got our robot back and tried to get to do something to didn’t work, it was broken. We told a teacher and they said they would try to fix it but they didn’t.


understanding: what was important about it? The thing that was important was that we where trying to get our robot to do a rectangle, without giving up when it wasn’t working. We where trying things to see if they would work and if they didn’t we would try something different.

applying: where could I use this again?

I could use this again when we start to combine some of our programs together.

Week 2!

We stared to move our robot in second’s! we do the program on Lego Mindstorms. it’s really fun programming. We program our robot to move because we have tasks to do every week. To make the robot move forwards  you can change the speed, turns and how many second’s. we where tiring to get our robot to do a rectangle but it didn’t work. we got our robot to turn -100 degrees to make to turn left. This is what our robot looked like in week 1.


This is what the robot looked like in week 2.



Lego robotics week 1!

I was in a team with  Harper, Amelia and Harriet and me we all had fun. We started making our robot. At the bigging  we didn’t go so well at the start now we are great together now we are great as team! Me and Harriet where building our robot while Harper and Amelia collector. The robots  name was originally banana bob at the end we ended up changing it to Popcorn. Accidently One of us made a mistake we started again and finished!


I learned that making that robot can be hard, but it’s so must fun as well :).  I could not wait until the next lesson.


    this is a a picture of of the robot when it was being made in to the full robot.