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Month: February 2020

Shot gun microphones

Shot gun microphones

I did this clinic with Ms Williamson it was about  a microphone we can use this yer called a shot gun mic.

this is a shot gun microphone

Zoom cameras

 zoom cameras

I did this clinic with Mrs Watson it was about a camera that were are going to use for our films and the cameras called a zoom camera because it has really good zoom.

Royalty free music

royalty free music

I did this clinic with Mr Galluccio

Shotlists and story boards

Shotlists and story

I did this clinic With Ms Williamson.

Audio booths

Audio booths

These are some rules about the audio booths and i did this clinic with Mr Galluccio.


point and shoot cameras

point and shoot cameras

This topic has 6 rules. the rule of thirds, balance elements, leading lines, view point, background,framing. All these rules when you take different photos will make it look better. I  did this clinic with Ms Williamson


























this is the the rule of thirds  you line the object and it has to  be in line with the lines.



presenting your piece to camera

In these next next few weeks we will be doing 10 to 11 film school clinics  we all have to make  a vlog for every clinic to pass and get a director hat. I  did this clinic with Mr Galluccio.

   Presenting your piece to  camera


This topic is about what to do when you on camera   and what to do off the camera  like breathing exercises    and  you always have to have you eye line to camera.

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