for the next three weeks  we are going to be pulling a part an object  and up cycling it so we can use it for something again. this photo was the first  part our project we had to write down objects around our school system then people in our school system like teacher and students. then we had to  do interactions so what parts of the things interact together.







for the project this term i am going to pull apart a Ferrari this is bottom of and the top labelled parts   and purposes of it.





this is the start of the pulling apart process this is when i just opened  it up  in this photo there is a mother board witch runs all the  code. The cords coming off  is connecting  to the different parts in the car. the white box at the back gives power to the whole   so it can drive.








this thing i found it hard to now what this  was it was a little battery  with cords connect to  2 wheels.




these screw  came out of the car. some of the screws that were really hard to get out so i had to  smash things so will get them open.






this is the the bottom of the car inside.




these things make the wheels spin.

this was inside the white  box

this is whats left of the car inside and on top every thing is gone inside this is whats left from the outside.





this is the deign up cycling  witch i am doing a party car witch has led lights in it and music playing





this is the code for the makey maky    sounds for the upcyling