we first had to  go with a partner think what we were going to build our first robot was a tricycle.

we had to big wheels attached to the back and a little one at the front but all of this is attached to the brick. the brick is the robot its the thing that makes every thing move and its. at the beginning our robot wouldn’t start we were trying to tried different things but it wouldn’t start  again but if we were going to start again it meant we would have to tear all our motors a the motor makes our brick move. so we took it all of and we got a new brick  so. me and my partner thought  of  a new design. this is our robot now.

this is a a picture of our the the thing on the front is a sensor  for it to work. on the back there  2 motors that makes it move with to wheels. to connect the wheels there are 2 axles that connect to the  motors  to make it it move smoothly. the ball Bering on the front makes it turn different ways if that wasn’t on the brick it wouldn’t turn it would just go strait. in this video our robot sensors my hand with the ultra sonic sensor turns around for 2 seconds. then it goes back to Gus. our main goal is to sense something and turn around and go back were it started .

what   i want  to do in the future is make it i would like to make