Hunter Spicer    

Writing – 2016 grad final

my seed and draft for the 2016 grand final in writers work shop you do a seed a draft and publish piece.

 This task was fun because I got to write about something that was some of the specialist days of my life.                 What I found challenging because it was hard to edit.

I learnt  Writing a long piece of writing takes lot of editing and hard work

Maths- my dream Melbourne excision

 my dream Melbourne excision we spent about 6 maths sessions on it.

This was fun because we got to pick our own actives and hotels

 this was challenging because it was hard going from train stations to the activities

I learnt That get places on time and fitting in the times it on my time table was very hard

Enviro-plot to plate

 plot to plate this was a big project for us we were divided into 3 to 4 people in a group to grow our own vegetables and make a pizza

this was fun because we got to make pizzas at the end and present it to our parents.

This was chalgeing because we had to water it every day and we dint get a lot of sun on our garden bed.

I learnt that it takes a lot of effort to grow a garden bed.