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Win At The Fair

When we were given the board it was with the prices already on it and we had to play the game and the prices that were on the page were $0.20, $0.50, $1, $2, $3, $4 and $5. I did 5 games on it and all of the money I got was two $4 two $2 and one $0.50 but each person has to pay $1 to play the game which means that we lost $4.50 in 5 games. With the Class all together we lost a lot of money, we lost more money than what we had earned from people playing. All together we did 104 gay so we earned that much money but we lost $152.60 which means we lost more money than we should of.


For our problem we had to make sure we got more than $300 in 1000 games and if we wouldn’t loose money and we get $1 per game we would usually get $1000 but we will loose the money that the people get so we have to try to take the game board so that people can only get lower numbers than what they put into playing the game. We had to try and make it so that they would think that they would be able to get the highest amount of money when they would only get either the cents for 1 or 2 dollars.


For me I only did the Official game board so what mine is, is so that the lowest number of money is at the top so that it is easiest to get it and that number is $0.10 and it slowly goes to $0.20 then to $0.50 but I used the $0.50 twice so that it is easier to get that number instead of starting a higher number there. My highest number is $25 because it is much higher that $1 that people put in to start playing but it is actually really hard to get it because the only nubers that go to the side are, going to the left are 2 and 12 but going to the right are 3 and 11 because it is really hard to roll a 2 because you need two 1s and 3 is hard because you need a 1 and a 2. its also hard to get two 6s and a 5 and a 6 for 12 and 11 so that’s why I did them to the side and I did all of the other ones going up because they are easier to get. I than recorded my 10 tries on the board on the side of my paper to see how much I would win and they were $0.10 and $0.20 and $0.20. All together I made $6.40 out of $10 so I didn’t loose that much money.

When we finished we went onto the app and we had to write in our amounts and which sides the numbers went, onto the program. We then had to try this out 1000 times to see all of the findings and how much money people would win. On mine the highest amount of people that go the $25 was 2 and most of the people got $10 and $20 because they are on the top of the chart and it is easier to go to the top of the chart rather than the side.

For mine I made it so that not lots of people would be able to get the highest number of money because we need the money instead of the people playing the game getting all of the money. Making it the highest number at the bottom made it soo much harder for people to get it so we got quite a lot of money in return and more money than the first board.

TO make my board look enticing all I did was a high number because most people would just think its really easy to get it but when they try it, they are going to get a really low price. Here are some pictures.