DC Cartoons

Today in Digital Citizenship we are looking at a picture and we are writing things down what we found funny, what the message is and why the message is important.

I found it funny how she will strap a phone to her forehead and how she just wants him to talk to her whiles he is on his phone. There is also a bird underneath the table.                                                                            I think the message is that if your out with a friends you should talk to them instead of sitting there on your phone and not even looking at the person next to you or in front of you. It shows that technology is more important than friends for some people.                                                                      Following the message is important because if you don’t talk to the if you out for food then they might not want to be your friend anymore and might not even realise because your still to busy on you phone. That when your on technology you cant be to attached because otherwise you’ll damage your brain which stops you from doing basics everyday things.

Here is the cartoon I chose

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