Week 1

Day 1

Today in design I was chosen to be in tinkering. I am in a group with my best friend, We had to take a picture of all of our things in t
he Makey Makey kit, in the Makey Makey there are 6 white wires, a mother board, USB cord and 7 crocodile clips. A mother board it like the brain on everything, The USB cord connects things from the laptop to the mother board, The crocodile clips connects things to the mother board because there is a wire in it. (Tiana helped doing this blog).

Day 2

Today my partner and I decided to start tinkering thing. We tinkered a laptop, Here is a video that I made. This took us 2-3 lessons to get open and finish.


Week 2 of Tinkering

I’m in a new group because I finished sewing quite fast. I joined The group I joined was just finishing make a guitar

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