Week 1

Day 1

Today in design we were put into 2 groups. 1 group in doing scratch and my group is doing robotics for 1 week. For robotics we are doing a line thing so our robot has to follow a black line. here is a picture of all I got to do in design today.. Tomorrow I’m going to try to get my robot to follow the black line.

Day 2

Today in design got it but 1 wheel wont move. I think its like this because I’ve programed the wheels wrong so only 1 wheel will work. On Friday for the first session I’m going to try to get the wheel to work. Here is a picture of what my program looks like.

Day 3

Today we had 2 sessions and I still didn’t get my robot to work. I feel like its either my program or its the way I put my robot on the line. For session 2 today we wrote about each block in the program, I didn’t get to finish it but I think I did quite well with doing it. Here is a picture of what my book looks like.I’m really exited to see what I’m going to do in design on scratch next week.

Week 2

Day 1

today we had to program a robot to follow a line. It wasn’t as easy as it sounds because we had to draw what we thought the program in our design book. I missed the first lesson so I missed out on a bit but my sketch plan wasn’t correct because my robot wouldn’t even follow the line. It started to go of the table so next session I would like to try and get my robot to stay on the table and follow the line.

Day 2

Today I didn’t get the line done. I had half the lesson then I left but I got it to work a bit more then it did before but after a few seconds the robot would go everywhere. I think next time I’m going to try to make the robot stay on the line the whole time. 

Day 3

Today we started to use the spheros . We had 3 tasks to try to complete but me and my partner only got to do the first one. We got the sphero to go in a square. We had to draw a 2D shape and we did a square because we thought it was the easiest. It wasn’t really easy because sometimes the spher would just go in wiggly lines and it wouldn’t make a square, it would make more of a roundish square. At the last few minutes we got the sphero to work and we got it on camera so here is a Vedic of what it looked like when it went in a square, it still wasn’t really perfect but it was better then all of the other try’s that we did. In 2 weeks when we do this again I want to finish all of the tasks .


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