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Day 1

Today in design we got to start with making our account in scratch and we started making our sprite to dance to music. So far I got 1 sprite and I got it to dance to the music, I also got it to change colours while it dances, I did a crab. Here is a video of what it looks like

Day 2

Today in design we got to finish our dancing animals and I got a few more animals into my scratch program. Here is a video of what my scratch program looks like with all of the animals and the music.

Day 3

Today we were given a sheet because we had a challenge of the 10 block challenge and we have to make a scratch program with only these 10 blocks. We were allowed to use these blocks as many times as we wanted but we were only allowed to use these ones.This was hard but it was fun because I used a flying hippo for mine. Here is a video of my finishing product.

Day 4

Today in scratch we had to debug problems on scratch worlds. The first one was easy because al you had to do was put the start block at the top of one of the scratch characters but it got harder on 2 and 3.

Day 5

Today in scratch We got to do a project called about me, This project is about things you loved to do and things about you. All I got done today was creating my scratch characters and doing scrips for 3 of the characters. Here is a video of my things working.

Day 6

Today in Scratch we were continuing with the about me project. I got more of it done today because I got my dog to change costumes from the small one to my big one. I didn’t know how many sprites I was allowed to make so I just made 4, I made 1 cat change to the other one and did the same with the dog. I added in my cello but it doesn’t work yet so in the video the cello isn’t in it. Here is the video of the program.

Day 7

Today in scratch I was still doing my project. We had 2 lessons of scratch today but I was at my lesson for the first lesson. I nearly finished my project but I still have a bit to go. I haven’t done much compared to the other one but I have changed some things so here is a video of what it looks like now.


Week 1

Day 1

Today in design we were put into 2 groups. 1 group in doing scratch and my group is doing robotics for 1 week. For robotics we are doing a line thing so our robot has to follow a black line. here is a picture of all I got to do in design today.. Tomorrow I’m going to try to get my robot to follow the black line.

Day 2

Today in design got it but 1 wheel wont move. I think its like this because I’ve programed the wheels wrong so only 1 wheel will work. On Friday for the first session I’m going to try to get the wheel to work. Here is a picture of what my program looks like.

Day 3

Today we had 2 sessions and I still didn’t get my robot to work. I feel like its either my program or its the way I put my robot on the line. For session 2 today we wrote about each block in the program, I didn’t get to finish it but I think I did quite well with doing it. Here is a picture of what my book looks like.I’m really exited to see what I’m going to do in design on scratch next week.

Week 2

Day 1

today we had to program a robot to follow a line. It wasn’t as easy as it sounds because we had to draw what we thought the program in our design book. I missed the first lesson so I missed out on a bit but my sketch plan wasn’t correct because my robot wouldn’t even follow the line. It started to go of the table so next session I would like to try and get my robot to stay on the table and follow the line.

Day 2

Today I didn’t get the line done. I had half the lesson then I left but I got it to work a bit more then it did before but after a few seconds the robot would go everywhere. I think next time I’m going to try to make the robot stay on the line the whole time. 

Day 3

Today we started to use the spheros . We had 3 tasks to try to complete but me and my partner only got to do the first one. We got the sphero to go in a square. We had to draw a 2D shape and we did a square because we thought it was the easiest. It wasn’t really easy because sometimes the spher would just go in wiggly lines and it wouldn’t make a square, it would make more of a roundish square. At the last few minutes we got the sphero to work and we got it on camera so here is a Vedic of what it looked like when it went in a square, it still wasn’t really perfect but it was better then all of the other try’s that we did. In 2 weeks when we do this again I want to finish all of the tasks .