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Term 1 Reflection

This Term has been my first time in Geelong college.

I have had an amazing time here and I have had lots of fun in design. 1 of my favourite thing we have been doing is reading the book Just a dog. My other thing would be drama or French. It feels like just yesterday I walked into year 5 not knowing anything and anyone. I’m really exited to see what we will be doing next term.

wooden cars

Today in school we made a wooden car. Using a saw some wood and a pencil.

I chose an easier car because it was my first time. We cut out the shape from a thin peace of wood. After we did that we could choose an animal or person to be our car driver. I chose an elephant because it is my favourite animal. I had fun doing this because I learnt how to use woof and make something fun out of it. In a few days we will paint the car and we will be able to take them home.

Today in design we made a chart about what floor the car worked on the best. We had to try the car on the Flexi Pave(Tennis Court), Carpet(Classroom) and the Grass(Oval). For the experiment the Flexi Pave was the best and it was 9.01m and I think it won because it is the hardest ground and it wasn’t slippery. The Grass lost because its really soft and the car sinks into it a bit so its harder for the car to move. The carpet was in the middle because its hard but soft at the same time and the small circles of wool in the carpet and makes the car go a bit slower. Here is a picture of what my graph looks like.

Just A Dog

In this book Mr. Mosley goes through some terrible events. Like when a fish hook got stuck in his gum and Corey faints.

Mr. Mosley is a dog that was adopted by Corey and his family. Mosley has been through funny, sad and happy events. Mosley is a loving dog that would never hurt anyone.

Corey is a boy that got Mr. Mosley when he was around 4 years old. He got him because Mosley’s owner didn’t like him as he wasn’t a full Dalmatian.

One day Mr. Mosley did something he had never done before.

Today in math I had to go into a group of 3 and do an Addo grid. We did a game out of 100. For the Grid I usually put the 10 in the middle square because it is a number that is between 20 and 0 so it is the middle number. From their I put a 5 under the 10 and a 6 on top of it. For the other numbers I picked randomly. I put the 7 and the 14 next to the 10 because 7 time 2 is 14. I didn’t put any other numbers in particular spaces. On this game my numbers won. For the way I sorted it out it is different to the other grids that I did in my scrap book. I tried to use different numbers but most of them were the same.