Roller Coaster

Today in design we had to plan and design our roller coaster. When we finish making our design in around 3-4 days we will test it with our a marble.

Session 1

In design we had to draw our roller coaster and write some thing down that are used in a roller coaster for example, Friction, Gravity and G force. Those are the thing I have written down so far. This is a picture of my roller coaster with the writing.


Session 2

In design me and my group used some kinetics to make a trail for the rollercoaster.  Our track didn’t work because it was to big and the marble fell through it. The connects also didn’t work because it couldn’t stand up by its self. Next session I will try to make something to put the track on.

Session 3

In design I made a tower and I put the track on it. It would work so we got some pipes and tried to connect it to the tower. It wasn’t strong enough so I had to make it taller and that made it a bit stronger. At the end of the session I put the pipes by the tower so I can attach it next session.

Session 4

Today in Design I had to finish my blog.

I had to write session 3.

Next session I want to try video my roller coaster working.


Session 6

Today in design I went to the maker space to get a bigger peace of clear pipe. I used the peace of pipe to make the loop. I had 2 peace’s left of clear pipe so next session I’m going to attach 1pipe to the end of the loop and 1 at the beginning. I am going to add this to the building I made.

Session 7

Today in design I got our leftover pipes and attached them together. I had an Idea of using some wool and attach the bottom of the clear pipe to the top. This made it the loop. Here is a video of my roller coaster working so far. Next session I am going to find a way to make the loop stand up by its self. In the video there is no string because it didn’t work. The string sliped off the loop.


Session 8

Today in design I attached all of the pipes together. The pipes kept on falling down so I used some kinetics and some tape.  here is a picture of what it looked like. next session I am going to try and make it look a bit more like a roller coaster and add in a loop.


Session 9

Today in design it was the last week of making our roller coasters. My group and I didn’t join another group I had to build the structure again because it was to short and it wasn’t steep enough. The loop wouldn’t stand up so today I got a box and tilted the loop. Now the loop is on its side. A bit of the loop hangs down because If its flat on the box it wont travel anywhere. Here is a picture of what the finished roller coaster looked like. While I was making this we learnt that it used gravity which is when the marble gets pushed down, friction which is when a cars tires rub with the concrete so the marble would be rubbing against the pipes. A roller coaster also uses centrepedial for and this is when the marble or the roller coaster is going so fast it won’t fall of the track.





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