Cereal Box Marble Roller


Cereal Box Marble Run 3/2/12017


For design we had to bring in an empty cereal box. This was fun to make. Our aim was to see make it as slow as possible. It took a few tries’ but it did work. We had to make 2


Today we had design and we had to bring in a cereal box to school. We had to cut the box in half and we used the left over to make the strips or shapes. Then we had to stick them down with only 30 cm of tape. For the cereal box marble run we had to make two and for the second one we had to try and make it take longer than the first one. Then it looked like this

This was my 2nd box and I had to a try it but I didn’t work so I would have break it and do I again. It was quite annoying but it made it better and more fun. My first box was around 2-3 seconds and my second one was 3-4 seconds. Tap the link bellow to see the video.




What I found out from doing this?

I found out that you need some patience with this because sometimes it doesn’t work and you need to try it again. I also found out that in this experiment it has gravity, force and friction.

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