Home Learning | term 4 | week 8

Hey everyone! For this weeks blog post, i am going to be talking about our 3 subjects we have been learning and those are, Maths, English, and Inquiry! So, lets get started!  🍩😝

So I am going to be talking about Maths Groups!
In Maths Groups we have started a new project called “My life in numbers” and what we basically do is (e.g This is my age: 5+5+5-3+5-5=12 so my age is 12, but we do it in a more complicated way) So yeah, that is basically what we did for Maths Groups! 🍩😝

I will be talking about Writer’s Workshop!
So since it’s towards the end of the year, we have been starting to get working with our Writer’s Gift which is where we will put all of our published pieces in an A3 box, an A4 box, or a paper flier. Then when we have our EXPO we will show all of our published pieces to our parents, teachers, and other classes to see our amazing work!Β  🍩😝

I will be talking about our Personal Projects!
So, I have just finished rendering Mary’s and mine Personal Project and I have just put it into the K;Drive. I think it is a really good film for all of the scenes Mary and I have filmed. I also think that the music suits it all really well!!!Β  🍩😝

That’s all from me guys! Peace Out! πŸ˜πŸ‰πŸ˜ˆπŸ©πŸŽ



iProject #editing

Hey everyone,
Today I am going to be talking to all of you guys about the #editing stage in my iProject.
So far I have achieved by making poster about my holiday house which means I have almost finished my film about my iProject because I had to take pictures of the process in my iProject so basically the stages of what I chose to do for my poster, for as all of you would probably know, everyone makes a different type of poster right??? So I was actually thinking about showing you guys some of my pictures and all of that but then I thought that you guys should wait until Tuesday which is when I will be presenting my iProject to all of you guys!πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜πŸ‰πŸ—πŸ©πŸ­πŸ˜

So that is all from me guys! Peace Out!


Home Learning | term 4 | week 7

Hey everyone!!!
This week for Home Learning I am going to be talking these three subject. Maths (Maths Groups), English (Writer’s Workshop), and Inquiry (Personal Project with Mary).Β 

In Maths Groups we have been working on something new. When I mean something new, I mean the way of learning is new. We have done it before but that was earlier this year. What we are doing is that we are staying in our classes and rotating teacher/room. What I mean by that is that on Monday, my class was with our normal teacher Miss Torney and she gave us a question that we had to solve. Then on Wednesday my class might be going to Mrs Stafford’s class or Mr Henderson. Either or, we will still get a different question in each class. We have to make it like our Problem Solving books, so neat with an explanation.Β 

In English we have been doing the usual for Writer’s Workshop except for the conferencing. Now the conferencing has changed. Apart from going into our groups and conferencing a piece, we now have a tray with our pieces in it so that Miss Torney (or your teacher) can check them and see if she or he likes it. But we first have show it to three different people on this sheet of paper that we got printed out. We have to edit our work with the feedback that we get from those three people and then that is when you will out i into the tray for the teacher to read. Then if it is good, you can publish!! So that is basically the changes we have for Writer’s Workshop in my class!!!

For my personal project with Mary, we have decided to make a film about the difference between her American school and The Geelong College. We have made our shotlist and we have started to film. We have filmed a few scenes, although there are a few that we can’t do at school but we have to do at home. We had to gather a few people for a few scenes and we had to move to a lot of places for the different school work that we are doing. So that is basically all we have done so far in the process of making our film but I do hope that we will finish in time and get the film ready! I hope it will be amazing!!!!Β 

Peace Out!


Home Learning | Term 4 | week 6

Hey everyone!

Here are the subjects that we are learning this week and every week!
Maths (Problem Solving), English (Writer’s Workshop), and Inquiry (Personal Project)!

Ready? Begin!

In Problem Solving we have our last questions of the term/year! We normally have 2 questions at a time, but we had 3!!! The teachers handed out the questions so it didn’t take that long. The last questions were questions 7, 8, and 9! My parents and I have figured out 2 of them! Number 7 and 8. Dad showed me how 7 worked, and then I understood!
Did you guys find the answer to all of them?
Did your parents help you?
Comment on this blog post what you did to figure them out!
In Writer’s Workshop we had Mr Wade (Senior) come into our classroom and gave us this picture that we had to describe what we saw on the picture. I was a gorilla. It also had a message to it. The message was about what we are doing to animals because the gorilla was in a cage. Then we had to write something similar to it. I wrote something like that about a giraffe because no one really talks about them and before we know it, they can be extinct!!! So that is the Writer’s Workshop activity that we had this week! I actually really enjoyed it!
In Inquiry, we have started to make this new personal project. We can do it by ourselves, or in pairs, or in a group of 3. No more. I am with a partner, Mary Barnes, and we are doing a project about the difference between an American school and TGC school. We are almost finished with our #PLANNING but we still need to ad some things. We might be doing some shots at home but most of them will be at school, for our topic is SCHOOL!

Peace Out!!!!


iProject | term 4 | week 6

Hey everyone!

So today I am going to be telling you guys about the progress in my iProject!

What have I started?
Well, I have started to make my film about my iProject. I think that I am going well for so far I have gotten 38 seconds!

What have I succeeded?
I have succeeded getting pictures of my Holiday House! They are actually really good!!

What have I changed?
I have changed from making a film about my Holiday House, to making a poster with pictures of my Holiday House!!!

So, I was thinking about showing you guys some of the pictures, but I think I might wait until I present my poster, and the film about my iProject!!!!

I think that is all from me! Peace Out!!!





Home Learning

Hey everyone!

So today, I am going to be talking about what we have been learning this week in English, Maths, and Inquiry!

Let’s get started!

MATHS “Maths Groups”
In Maths Groups, we have had our first different clinic today about the area and how to know what the inside of it is. We had this double sided sheet of paper that we had to fill in and we had to see if we could understand how it works. The reason why we didn’t have any clinic on Monday, was because we had Monday off!!!!!!!!!!! But anyway, off topic, yeah, so we were just starting to see if we got it, and then I think we might get harder and harder after every lesson.
INQUIRY “New Project”
In Inquiry we are starting this new project where we have to get into a partnership or by ourselves or in a group of three, and make a film of some sort. It has to be useful, and a clear message. What we had to do was go off in your groups and start brainstorming some ideas. Then we watched some films that year 6s have done in the past to see if we could maybe re-do some of the films. My partner is Mary Barnes, and we are doing a film about the difference between Aussie schools and American schools for she is American if you guys didn’t know.
ENGLISH: “Writer’s Workshop”
In WW I have been re-writing this piece called Tears will drip, because I conferenced it and they just told me to change a few things and then I would be able to publish. I also did some publishing on this poem I made for my brother for his birthday. The poem is about Lego, for he loves Lego.

Well, that’s all form me people! Peace Out!


iProject post #Production

Hey everyone!!!!

So today, I am going to be talking about my iProject, and I have actually changed the way I would like to present it. So here we go!

I am still up to #Production for I have changed how I am going to present my iProject, and I still haven’t taken the photo’s but I will next weekend.

I am going to be talking pictures of my holiday house, so basically the new name for my iProject is,‘Things my Holiday House has. So, I got a comment from Mrs Torney and it said to describe what my #ProductionΒ Word Document is about.

So my new production is about me taking pictures of my Holiday House, but without me in them. So I am basically Β going to be sticking them onto some paper and then writing about what I normally do in that spot, for my holiday house is pretty big!

Peace Out!!!!!


Tasmanian devil zoo reflection post

Hey everyone!

So I am doing a post on my zoo project reflection post. What I am going to be writing about is the whole process of how we achieved this zoo project! Let’s Go!!!


So what we did is that for a start we were all looking at this Word Document that had 10 endangered animals on it from the Melbourne Zoo. These animals were.

  • Tasmanian devil

  • Helmeted Honey Eater

  • Asian Elephant

  • Gorilla

  • Lord Howe Island Stick Insect

  • Baw Baw Frog

  • Lion

  • Australian Fur Seal

  • Orangutan

  • The Philippine’s Crocodile

What we had to do was pick an animal, then tell our teacher what animal we were doing, and straight away start researchingΒ and putting it all together into a script using our own words.


Once we got to the zoo, we were put into groups with our animal that we chose, and we set off to get footage of our animal. Once we were about to go though, it started raining! So Β we were under aΒ shelter in front of the Giraffe’s. But once it stopped, we were back on the road looking for our animal. I had my own DSLR camera and so I was able to get really good pictures of animals and all of that jazz. But, once we reached the Tasmanian devils, they were all hiding for they are nocturnal. But we got lucky and a Tasmanian devil came out to see what was happening, so we were able to get some footage from that little Tasmanian devil! Sadly, I was deleting footage off my camera because my card was full, and I missed it! So I had to look for footage to put it into my film. I had 2 P.T.C (Piece To Camera) and everyone had to do one at the zoo. The zoo was really fun, and I enjoyed seeing my animal and being able to show people that this animal has a right to live no matter what.


Once we got back I had to look for a lot of Tasmanian devil pictures to put onto COREL. What we had was an amount of classes to tasmanian-devil-baby-eyesfinish our first draft of that film and render it and put it into the K;Drive. I had to get lots of Tasmanian devil pictures, and I had to put my 2 P.T.C in.


We also had to put our laptops anywhere in the year 6 space, and we had this sheet where anyone who came to watch you film, had to write feedback on it and tick some boxes. Then what we had to do was use our feedback to improve our film. Once we did that, we also had to put it onto the K;Drive and then on our laptops all of the year 6s would go around and look at some people’s films and then write what they liked on a sticky note that we have on our laptops. The reason why we could only give positive feedback was because our last draft was due, so we couldn’t re edit it.

Here are some people’s feedback that I got on my last draft.

I love the music it fits the mood very well, I am made to care this animal way more than before. I love your facts and your P.T.C because it is not to loud and there are no distractions or loud wind in your videos (P.T.C)

Your music suits your film and you spoke very clearly, the film was very informative and the way you put the facts was very easy to connect with. Your piece to camera was very clear

The music suits the film. Your voice is quite calm. I like the facts you’ve used. I like how clear your PTC was. You hooked the audience.

I hope you liked my post and my film!!!! Peace Out!

Home Learning

Hey everyone! So today I am going to be talking about our learning we have been doing this week! The subjects are, Maths (Maths Groups), Inquiry (Zoo project), and English (Writer’s Workshop) Let’s get into it!

MATHS Groups:
In Maths Groups we have been finishing off our angles project for it is due on Wednesday. What we had to do is find a few angles in a picture that you have found and then underline them with different colours and then right the degrees, the angle, and how many of each you have found. We also had to make it really pretty, for that is what Mrs Torney wanted, so I tried my best!

INQUIRY Zoo project:
In Inquiry, with our zoo projects, we hadΒ to finish our first draft and submit it into the first draft submission folder and then some people would watch yours and write down there comment on this sheet the teachers gave us. Then with the last session of Inquiry, we had to edit our films with the feedback we were given from our peers. If wee didn’t finish our zoo projects, then we would have to do it at home for homework!!

ENGLISH Writer’s workshop:
In English Writer’s Workshop, I have made a seed about a pineapple and the seed is called “A pineapple’s life” and it also has some bits in it where Sponge Bob is involved in the story. Anyway, tomorrow I am conferencing this poem that I made called “Tears will drip”, and I am really excited to read it to my conference group because I have been working on it for so long, and I really do hope people like it!!!

Well, that’s all I’ve got for you guys today! Until next time!! Peace Out!!!


Home Learning | term 4 | week 3

Hey everyone!!!!!

So today I am going to be talking about what we have been learning this week. The subjects are: Maths, Inquiry, and, English. In Maths I will be talking about Maths Groups, in Inquiry I will be talking about our Zoo project, and in English I will be talking about WW “Writer’s Workshop”

In Maths Groups, we have been doing our angles project which is were you Β get to pick a picture online or take it outside with a camera and then stick it into your book and underline with texters all of the angles that you can find. Then you right down all of the angles you have in you book and also count how many there are in total! 🍟🍨🍩πŸͺ🍬🍭
In Inquiry, we have been following up on our Zoo projects and putting all of our footage onto COREL and starting to make our films. We are also doing our voice overs for the film. We are reading out our script that we made. A few people have already finished them and have showed me, and I think that they are all very good, especially the very good editing choices. In case you guys didn’t know, the animal that I am doing is the Tasmanian devil, and I think I am doing a very good job on doing it differently and dding more editing choices in there!! 🍟🍨🍩πŸͺ🍬🍭
So Writer’s Workshop, we had Mr Wade in because Mrs Torney was sick, and what we did with him is that we had to write a story with as much words as possible to describe an apple. It is called Short Writing. We then went off and made another one or two if we didn’t want to keep the one about apple, and then get into a circle and share one of you pieces if you wanted to!!!🍟🍨🍩πŸͺ🍬🍭

That’s all from me people!!!

Until next time! Peace Out!