I am currently reading the Harry Potter series. The first story, The philosophers stone, follows harry in his travels from Privet Drive to the Castle of Hogwarts, where many magical and mystical things await him. He gets into a bit of trouble and manages to land himself a spot in the Quidditch team. This is a really good read, no matter what you like or how many times you’ve read it, this book will take you into a world of mortal enemies and life long friends, with all the magic and mischief going around Hogwarts you are bound to love this enchanting tale.


Reflection Week 8B

What’s up???

This week was full of swimming and projects DUE! On Friday our Personal Projects ( Not to be confused with iProjects)were due. Not to mention our iProjects were also due for #Feedback on Friday. Let’s start with Maths. In Project Maths we are starting to finish off our garden projects ( This is one of my personal favs!) This means we have to lay out all of our budget, Garden and extra things in a neat diagram. A lot of people have like $3,000 left over but sadly i cannot say the same as i have spent almost every single cent! Maths groups has also been really fun this week, Instead of going to different Guru sessions each class rotated to a new teacher to do a different problem. Some were more challenging than others but my favourite was Mr Henderson’s clinic about the area of a garden path. We have also started yet another project called my life in numbers! This is where we choose somethings that we know or want to know (Such as your height) and then express that number in a mathematical equation! I am choosing to do how old i am in minutes, while a lot of my friends are doing how old they are in days. In Writing i have finished writing my last two pieces to put in my writers gift. I am yet to publish some of my pieces but they are looking pretty good. I am really excited to show them off to my family at Graduation on Wednesday! In Inquiry our Personal projects are finished and ours looks really good! I will put it in below so you guys can see it. If you have any feedback (Positive or Negative) Don’t be afraid to comment it below in the COMMENTS section. I think this is the best stop motion i have done yet and the characters are really cute! We also had the Swimming Carnival on Thursday and unfortunately i didn’t get to perform my best. Yet, i am proud of myself for doing diving because it was out of my comfort zone and usually it is really painful. I am still not sure of the winner though because it was being announced on Friday, and i had a Piano Exam so i wasn’t at school 🙁 Lastly i am SUPER excited about graduation and i cannot wait to go into Year 7. YEAR 7 HERE I COME!!!!

Bailey Out! 🙂


What’s up???Today i will be talking about editing! Another crucial part of film making and frankly i am pretty bad at it. Not so much with my robot but more so with my film. My film is really rushed and i think it”s not up to scratch but i am just proud of the robot i made, so thumbs up there! Last week i did some trouble shooting and found out that the tracks kept falling off my robot so my brother and i tried to find better designs that increased the speed and durability. Overall in that session we found these improvements and set backs in our product.

IMPROVEMENTS: The robot can now follow a white line

It is very maneuverable

The controls are really easy and straight forward

We are ahead of most groups!

SET BACKS: Tracks keep falling off

Speed is too fast inn follow the line

Programs are a little faulty

These things can be fixed but it will require some nifty fingers. The main techniques i have used for editing include find the problem at it’s source and fix it there, Ask for help from other experts, and Try, Try, Try again! When editing my film i used Corel although i think i should find a better application because Corel is really slow and hard to work with. I feel in this project i have gone WAY out of my comfort zone and taken a big risk and i am really proud of myself for doing something different! I haven’t learnt much about editing during this other than the fact that you aren’t going to get everything right the first time!

Bailey Out.

Reflection on LEARNING!Week 7

What’s up??? This week in Maths we have started a new project called the Garden Design project.This is one of my personal favourites because we get to completely re-design our gardens and turn them into masterpieces. A lot of people decided to add in a spa and pool but on a 10,000 dollar budget i thought that might be a bit tight. Some of the things that i added included a trampoline, pond/water feature, Outdoor day lounges and plenty of plants and trees. I think my garden is going to be pretty awesome and i am not questioning at all the fact that i spent $500 on Mini lop bunnies:). In English i have managed to publish 2 new pieces this week. Tears and Words. I have also just written a persuasive piece about shark nets. The only feedback i have gotten on my persuasive is to maybe add another argument to make the piece stronger. In Inquiry i have finished filming my stop-motion film about kindness. We are now up to recording audio for it hopefully to enhance the message. It is really funny when we are recording because we are all talking in really weird voices and all the clips get interrupted by giggles. We also had health this week which was definitely not one of my highlights as for me it was kind of just REALLY awkward.

Bailey Out.

Reflection Week 6B

Whats up??? Now the first thing i can say about this week is swimming, swimming, swimming! There are no other words that come to my mind when i think about this week. So generally speaking there isn’t really much to talk about so i am just going to do my best. In Inquiry our Personal projects are moving along quite nicely and my group and i have finally finished  our shotlist meaning we can start to film some cool new shots. The last lesson we had i spent making ‘Props’ for the ‘set’ of our film (Which will be taking place in Mary’s Locker). We are still in the process of making some of the felt characters that are needed though. In Maths we have recently continued with the chocolate tray problem, but this time it said that ‘The manager had discovered a new function on the machine, allowing it to cut to the first decimal place.) This was really tricky and put me in a bit of a puzzled position adownloadt the start but towards the end i started to understand what i had to do. When i found out the answer i realised i could have gotten it a lot quicker than what i actually did.  This week our Problem Solving Books were also due for the last time this year. I am quite proud of the product i have made but some of my working out was a bit unclear:( Because i have a tendency to be messy:( But i think i have done pretty well and some of those questions were really hard! We have also had quite a few tests this week. And by quite a few, I mean 2 but it felt like a lot more. We did a test on both reading comprehension and Maths. I think i did pretty well for maths as i found the questions quite easy but the reading one was more puzzling. It consisted of reading a large text and then filling out an answer sheet with unfinished sentences. I am feeling OK about this one but i am still a little unsure. In writing this week nothing much has happened. I have managed to publish two new pieces though which puts my tally up to 4 published pieces all year. I need to get to 10 published pieces by the end of the term but i still have a few waiting for conference/publishing so i am confident i will make it. So, now we are on to swimming. I am not going to go into so much detail on this because i would be going on forever but i will just highlight the BEST and WORST bits. My favourite part was probably diving because it was different from just the usual swimming and it was a lot more enjoyable. And my least favourite part was also diving, and the reason for this is because it was honestly painful. I am sooooooooooo bad at diving that when ever i did a simple front dive i would come out completely red from belly whacking. Although it was funny it hurts, (A lot.) But i do have a recommendation for diving and that is to watch TILLY! She is the BEST diver i have ever seen and to watch her is just stunning. She has perfect form and posture. GO TILLY!

Bailey Out.

Reflection Week 5A

What’s up??? This week i have enjoyed the some what calmness that has been displayed around the classrooms. Although we have had the normal homework, last week was hectic and a little break is nice once in a while. But as i say that, we have started a new project called our ‘personal projects’ but frankly i don’t find them very personal because although we get to choose what we do, there are a lot of topics with a clear message and audience that have been declined by the teachers as not being ‘useful’. Now i think we all have a different definition on the word useful but i believe if we all do things that only the teachers find useful our projects won’t stand out and will lack the sense of uniqueness that they could have possessed. I think there might be another possible solution so the projects can keep their individuality and be helpful for future students as well. I am currently in a group with GG and CC, the project we are attempting includes stop motion and needle felting. It is about some small ghosts( made from needle felting.) and a story line about kindness. I think this is going to be adownloaddorable and work really well so i look forward to seeing the final product. In Maths we have decided to dis-continue the ladder problem and we are progressing in algebra instead. This would be a bit more pleasant if the equations were a bit harder because at the moment they are quite simple and i am not getting much out of them. In Maths groups we have started a new topic though and i am now looking at area, volume and surface area. During the last session i attended we were using visual models to create the biggest ‘chocolate tray’ we could, mainly meaning the capacity of the trays. This week i wanted to talk about some other subjects as well. I will mix it up by doing French instead of English this week because i have only conferenced a few pieces.  So in french this week we had a test. The test was on time and it was quite fast paced. I have been practicing a lot so this task was not too difficult  but i could see some other people were not as happy about it. Here are a few more subjects that i was keen to talk about this week. Today in P.E we had our second assessment for gymnastics. I am really happy with my results. I got 7/12 for vault, 10/12 for parallel bars, 11/12 for floor and 11/12 for beam. I am even more excited by these results because i am not very good at gymnastics and i really tried to do the best i could. In science we have started our new topic physics and chemistry. I think that physics will be one of the hardest things i have done but i look forward to doing experiments with chemistry. Last but not least we have art. During art we have been completing our ‘Crazy Birds’. These are part of our assemblage section. We have used a range of different materials including modrock, paper machie, masking tape and vale paper. This has been a great experience and i love to use all different things whilst creating master pieces. I am trying to complete a kookaburra yet it is proving harder than it looks. I will fill you in next week with the intensive swimming program and much more.

Bailey Out.


#Production Post

What’s up????Production is the part where we actually do the stuff that needs to get done. In my case take some footage and mash it updownload-1 together. So far in my journey collecting footage has been pretty good but i am worrying about the due date of this project. We hold our robot Olympics in week 10 and this over all project is due in Week 9 so i am starting to stress about what i am going to do to get over this hurdle. The successes i have had so far are only small things like figuring out how to use tracks effectively, using a remote control to move our robot and learning how to take inspiration from online articles. I originally had an idea about  making a giant spherical wheel that will cover more ground and roll faster but  it was rejected by my younger brother after thoughts on how we are going steer the vehicle. Tonight i will be re-visiting my robot to improve it further. I hope all comes together well.

Bailey Out.

SOS10 Conservation Film

Whats up?? We have just completed our SOS10 films as i have mentioned in my last post ‘Reflection Week 4B’ Today i am going to be explaining the whole process of making these incredible films. The first stage was planning which included writing scripts, choosing animals and preparing for a piece to camera. The script writing was probably one of the hardest parts and sadly when i showed off my finished product to my parents they said it sounded a lot like my TED talk which is kind of good and also kind of bad. I tried to make my animal sound significant and important to this world but this is rather tricky because i have never heard of them. This leads me on to why i chose this animal. Well the answer is simple, i have never seen it, heard of it or known anything about it where as the other creatures are more commonly talked about. Also i know people aren’t so much into weird/gross things like bugs meaning they are less likely to give this little ‘fella’ a go, especially when it is up against the Baw Baw frog, Orang-hutan, Philippines crocodile, Gorilla, Tasmanian devil, Australian Fur Seal, Helmeted Honey-eater and the Lion . The next stage was production or in other words actually going to the zoo. This meant getting our scripts and our cameras together and filming these creatures in action. For me this was an amazing opportunity as i got to meet the person who is in charge of breeding and caring for these wonders. When i was at the zoo things didn’t really go to plan though because whilst doing my voice overs there was another video playing in the back meaning my voice was a bit hard to make out and the Zoo keeper was not allowed to be filmed as well as having to change my piece to camera because my facts were wrong.  Other than that, my experience was great and i learnt a lot more about the Lord Howe Island Stick Insect, Plus after i had finished with my filming i was free to enjoy the rest of the day. Then came editing which is always a rush for me. I managed to get together a pretty decent film by Monday afternoon which meant i could have some weight lifted off my shoulders for a little while. There was only one major challenge that i faced during editing and this was the fact that i dislike writing things down on the computer so i wrote down all my sourcing ( which was a lot!) on paper meaning i would have to copy it all down twice but to over come that road block i just wrote down the main websites. Feedback came next and my film got reviewed by five different people with five different opinions. I got really good feedback with only a few tips to improve my film. They were simple to complete though as i just had to make the music softer and try to add a few more videos ( that was practically impossible because there were no more films.) Then came the second round of feedback which is a ll positive to make you feel proud of your final product. Here is my feedback.

Your voice is very clear and It has a clear message and it made me feel about your animal Great Job -Issy

Your voice overs were really good and the images and footage you used where very powerful. Your music was also good and I liked how you chose it to be instrumental so it didn’t take away from the message. -Mikayla

Your voice over is very powerful and clear. You have such a strong message for such a small creature. I really makes you care about the animal. the music was also good.- Mia

The voice-over is very clear, and the images match up to what you are saying. The music and footage is very powerful, as well as the information about how David Attenborough only wanted to see the Lord Howe Island stick insect. – Cecilia

This is a really great film! i love the voice overs they are really clear and the images/footage are really good aswell. Also the music really matches the mood and makes you care about your animal.

this is a great film, i love the music and your pictures suited the film – Samantha

i liked your film but their is a voice in the background of your piece to camera-reuben

I like your choice of music. I also like your facts, They really made me care about the animal. Very good! – Rory

I really liked your film, it had great footage good voice over and piece to camera and music that complements the message. Great job-Tilly

Great music it made me care about this animal – Jesse

I hope you liked my film as much as some of these other people did. I think there is always room for improvement but this was a pretty good attempt.


Bailey Out.

Reflection Week 4B

What’s up??? This week there was something due almost every day of the week and i was surprisingly quite on top of it. Tuesday was the first draft of our Zoo films, Wednesday was our Angles Project, Thursday was our Problem and today was our final product for our Zoo films as well as the usual Home Learning. I am trying to improve the neatness of my writing and publications so in this post i will be using paragraphs to separate each topic. (something i don’t normally do.)Now talking about writing.


This week i managed to submit two new writing pieces that are well overdue a conference. I am a little behind with the 10 published works i need to submit by the end of the term but i think i can just scrape it together. I also wanted to shine the spotlight on RVE this week as well. During our last RVE session we watched a intriguing video called look up. It is about getting attached to the real world instead of the virtual world. I took a lot out of this film including new perspectives on The way one thing can trigger another and then cause a chain reaction. I would recommend this video to anyone willing to watch it as it really gives you some insight onto what you can miss while on your phone.


Just today i was working in a group with Lukas, Rory, Callan, Tom and Nick. We each helped each other work out the questions on a fun algebraic equation worksheet. At the start we only knew two of the letters and we had to figure out the other ones based off the knowledge we already had. Once we figured out all the answers, we then had to figure out anagrams with the numbers (coordinating to the letters) to spell different places, birds, rocks and presidents.In the end there were only two more anagrams left that we didn’t complete. I am looking forward to trying again next time.quote


Finally we have submitted the films. It feels like this has taken a really long time but i am so proud of the product that i finished with. I am hoping that they send one film from each animal to the zoo ( i know that is kind of cheating because i am the only one doing the Lord Howe Island Stick insect but i think it is fair because i chose the unique creature.) I also know that this post is not going to be seen by the Melbourne Zoo but if for some reason it does i would like to say thank you to Rohan for all the help he gave me with my film. He is a really inspirational person and he doesn’t get enough credit for his work.


At Lunch i went to the Mandalas today and i was amazed by how fun it was. It was simple but stunning and i am now going to attempt to make them at home.( i may possibly need to invest in some nice fine liners though!)

Bailey Out.



Reflection Week 3A

What’s up???

This week we have been edging closer to the due dates that are set in place for next week.Our projects/tasks we have to complete by next week include Problem Solving, Zoo Films, Angles Project on top of all the usual Home Learning.. Sadly this week i had also lost my maths book only to find it again today wedged between my other folders. Talking about maths books we have been extremely busy during maths, working away at angles and trying to perfect the ‘art’ of measuring them. We attended two maths sessions this week and for the first time this year i attended a Maths groups session that was not the extension group as i didn’t achieve the results i would have liked to on my test. I quotedidn’t learn much at this session i only really practiced the skills i already know. In Inquiry much has been the same as usual so instead i will tell you about the Malaysian children that came to visit us today. During the visit of these kids we played some ‘team building’ games that involved listening, collaboration and communication. The game we played was called islands. In this game there are a certain amount of hula hoops on the ground and people just casually walk around them. When the word ‘islands’ is called everybody has to get in a hula hoop but there can be multiple people in one hoop meaning that you will have to huddle with a smaller (if you’re lucky) or a larger group of people. If you touch the ground outside of the hula hoop you are out. This game was ‘interesting’, it was actually quite unusual to see so many people in such tiny areas(especially when Miss Torney decides she wants to take all of the big hula hoops out of the game.) In fifth period we also had a special assembly where the choir sung and the Malaysian students performed a dance. In was great to learn all about the cultures of different people and to meet somebody from a different part of the world. In writing i am starting a number of different seeds including one on snake wrangling after an incident last weekend with a feisty copperhead snake. As well as that i am creating a seed on what colour/animal are you after getting inspiration of one of my fellow peers Jade who made an intriguing test about personalities and colours. During writing i have also been set a task by Mr Wade to read some books by the author Anthony Browne after Mr Wade related one of his books to a writing piece i wrote about a mirror. So we have had an unusual week and that is great (seeing as we can change up the normal routine.) Crazy but cool.

Bailey Out.