November 28

Checkmate – I win!

Checkmate! Good game, I win. No offense. But I win? Why?!? Are you questioning me? Come on it’s fair and chess board square. I completed my passion project.Image result for wait, what?

Oh? You don’t know? Well, heh heh, about that… I FINISHED MY PASSION PROJECT!!! Better? You know now.

Ok… but bringing it back to the start, what has any of this got to do with checkmate? 

Well, the game, my game, the journey, of making my passion project, has ended. Everything went well so I won. Yeah. So… do you want to see it? No, let’s talk about my project first:


Did your product turn out the way you had intended?

Yes, most definetly. It turned out just the way I wanted to.

What do you feel you have done well?

I certainly do think that I have gotten my message across well.

What do you think you could have improved on?

Obviously, I have to shorten the film. 8 minutes is a bit too long isn’t it?

What did you learn through this process? What do you need to do better next time?

I learnt that I could’ve said the same thing even while making the film shorter. So next time I do an informative video, I know I can say the same thing in shorter words


Ok, enough of the talk, here it is:

November 21

Capturing the Feedback

I gave three people the chance to watch my ‘technically 1st draft’ of my Passion Project. And if you have read my last posts, you would know it’s about… Chess! The Basics of Chess to be exact. Dun dun dun dun! [Dramatic]Image result for chess wallpaper
Everyone I asked has given me excellent feedback! Here is the feedback I got:
Sophie: Turn the P.T.C and V.O’s down.
Barnaby: It’s good but change the end?
Gus R: It was easy to understand.

Thanks for the feedback and your time everyone!!

Mrs Stafford said that films above 4 minutes become boring. My film goes for 7 minutes. I don’t think I can fix the length of it. But maybe I can change the end. I think it needs improvement as well. So I’ll try to improve. My sources of feedback didn’t mention the length of my film. So I think it’s alright. Maybe the length might become shorter? I don’t know.

I guess I don’t have anything else to say. That’s all for feedback then. After this, I’ve finished. Completed. #Complete. That’s sad. This term has gone by so fast and my PP is over already! Oh well. Bye!

November 2

Re-Checking and Editing

Finally! Editing, the 25% stage is done! The editing for my ‘The Basics of Chess’ is complete! Hip hip, hooray! But realistically, editing wasn’t hard. Just put things together, get the voice-overs, line them up with the footage, and wallah! Done! Well, for me, that’s how my editing went.Image result for editing

I started editing scene by scene. I found it easier to do so instead of chucking everything in corel, and then start to edit with every piece of footage all over the place. Everything was more organised I guess.

What editing techniques did you employ and why?

I have to say, not much at all. Yeah… what a shame, not much at all. But seriously, what could I have done? I don’t think anything would suit my kind of film.

What editing software/app did you use?

I used Corel a again. What else could I use? There is nothing else on my computer (that I know how to use). Adobe Premiere is a popular one people have mentioned. I don’t know how to used it!!! And I’ve never tried!!! I should definitely try it though, corel is so laggy and slow. It’s so annoying. My mates tell me that it’s harder. But worth it. So…

Did you try something new? If so, what?

No. Just a plain, boring, no. What am I supposed to try? I don’t have anything in mind! And I don’t think there is anything to try. Hmm, I still have time. I’m going to think about this.

Did you learn anything new about editing?

Again no. I didn’t learn anything new. I should learn how to use Adobe Premiere. But who can teach me?

Just saying, I hope you can answer all the question I asked you in the comments section. I know everyone read this post, because last time, I told you you had to. And again, you 😈have😈 to read the next one. Which is editing. #Editing to be exact. L8tr

November 1

Raising Awareness For the Tassie Devil

Mission: Raises awareness for the Tassie Devil. Accomplished.Mission Accomplished QuotesWait, don’t leave, you haven’t read this yet! It’s not ‘Promoting Geelong’ anymore. It’s ‘Raising Awareness For the Tassie Devil’. It’s different, trust me. Anyway, let me tell you the story… Wait! Don’t leave. I told you, it’s not the same…

Back then, about, I don’t know, the start of term 4? Meh, who cares. Our teachers, showed us SOS10 list:

  • Baw Baw Frog
  • Lord Howe Island Stick Insect
  • Philippines Crocodile
  • Orangutan
  • Western Low Land Gorilla
  • Asian Elephant
  • Australian Fur Seal
  • Tasmanian Devil
  • Helmeted Honey-Eater
  • Lion

Hence my title, I chose the Tasmanian devil. Image result for Tasmanian devil

After the choosing of our animals, we started researching about it, and then wrote our scripts. Our film was supposed to go for 1 minute 30, to 2 minutes, so then our script was supposed to go for about. A minute. Supposed to. Mine went for about, a 2 minutes. Including my P.T.C, piece to camera.

Finally, our scripts were finished, our job now, was to film. We prepared our cameras and set of to:Image result for melbourne zoo

To film. Obviously, I went to the Tasmanian Devil enclosure. The devil was either sleeping, or doing stuff in it’s little log house. It never came out. Only for me. That’s sounded a bit weird. I was doing my piece to camera, and then… THE TASMANIAN DEVIL CAME OUT!!! I repeat, THE TASMANIAN DEVIL CAME OUT!!! Did I make my self clear? THE TASMANIAN DEVIL CAME OUT!!! Do you need to hear that again? THE TASMANIAN DEVIL CAME OUT!!!

The next day, we came back and dumped our footage onto our laptops. And started editing. Editing was nice and easy, got the voice-overs, some footage of the internet, and that’s it, then I started putting this together. 3 sessions later, I finished my first draft. We then got feedback from 5 people. We then had to action our feedback. All I had to do is get better footage and some music. Easy. After that I had finished my final product.

Finally, I finished my FINAL product (I know, I’ve mentioned that already). Final product. I got a lot of feedback for my final product. Here it is:

Very well worded, and most of all, great facts – Matthew

Great facts and your piece to camera was very good – Reuben

Your facts are great and spoken clearly – Bailey.C

Your facts and piece to camera is really good. You spoke really clearly – Gus.H

I like your facts. Your footage was good and you made me care about this animal – Rory

You had a lot of expression in your voice in the voice over which got your message across – Jack

You had good facts on DFTD and powerful voice overs- Sergej

The P.T.C was extremely good and your facts were amazing – Isaac

I think the footage was great and the message was strong – Tom

You spoke well in your P.T.C and the facts were great, the music really fitted the film – Sam

The music suits it and your message is really powerful as well as your voice overs – Owen

The piece to camera was amazing and I also liked the music that complemented the message – Bailey G

Thank you to everyone who gave me feedback. Greatly appreciated. Now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for… Seeing, my final. Final. Final. FINAL. FINAL. Final product!Image result for warning trash talk coming

Wait. Did you say no? What? You’re reading this post just because your mum forced you to? You don’t ACTUALLY want to see my final product? Well… Ok then, then… Just leave. Leave already. But if you are nice and do want to see it, click the read more tag below (if it is there). And if you don’t because your mum forced you to read this… then… stop reading this post. Stop reading this post. Hey! You’re reading this post!!! Liar! Your mum didn’t force you to read it. Your DAD did! I knew it all this time! Well then. If your Dad or/and Mum forced you to read it… stop reading… this… post… your still reading! Liar! Wait. That’s it! I got it! Your grandma forced you! I knew it all this time!Image result for 10 years later

Have I finally convinced you to see it? Ok? Good. Now click that read more button (if it’s there). And watch it


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October 23

My Chess-t is Relieved After Filming

Filming done? Filming done. Thank goodness. My planning really paid off.Image result for payment receivedIt took about an hour and a half. The way I said that may have made it sound like I had a terrible time. But no! It was great! I was acting – doing the P.T.C’s, the moving of the chess pieces, and my dad was filming me. It was awesome. No seriously, it was. You know how I said my planning paid off? It did, I had shotlist’s right next to me when I needed it. And they were perfectly detailed and well written (by me, duh).

What are some of the successes that you have had in producing your project?

Some successes are that I finished, I didn’t have any trouble doing it, I had everything I needed. I didn’t plan to do it on the 23/10/2016, but my planning was so good, I had everything ready, so I did produce on that date I just mentioned.

What have been some challenges that you have had to overcome during the process?

Not many challenges maybe just the fact that I keep forgetting what to say when doing my piece to camera’s. Arrh, still makes me annoyed, but besides that, no other challenges.

How did you overcome the challenges?

I overcome the challenge of forgetting the lines by either rehearsing it – trying to get it in my brain, having the script next to me – to read straight off, or improvising – I did one scene by doing that, it went quite well actually. I find having the script next to me most comfortable. But when you have the script, half of your brain is concentrating on the script and not the project so…

Here are some images of me working my way through production:

img_0682 img_0683 img_0684Please don’t bully me because of how I look in the last photo, oh, so embarrassing. Anyway, production is done, editing is coming, I need to get some images off the internet, music off the internet, voice-overs from the audio booth, and more editing, and then I will do the #Editing post, then you  😈WILL😈  read the #Editing post. Bye for now 😃😉😜

October 19

Setting the Chess Board Up

Gimme a P! Gimme an L! Gimme an A! Gimme a N! Gimme another N! Gimme an I! Gimme another N! Gimme a G! It’s…. PLANNING! Yay! That’s what I’m up to now. Planning. Or just the word, plan.Image result for planning wordPlanning is a very important step. During planning, you have to think about what/where/when/how you are doing everything. There are different ways you can plan things out, some ideas are using a shotlist / storyboard / script / mind map, etc. These ‘planning strategies’, as I call it, can help you lay everything out so that you know what’s next, how you are doing it, where, why, who, when,  all of the 5 W’s and the H.

For this project – which I am doing a film where I teach you the Basics of Chess, and that is the title, ‘the Basics of Chess’ – I’ve used a shotlist for my planning. A shotlist tells you the:

Script – which is what you say

Type of shot – which is how you are going to capture whatever you are doing, and on my shotlist, it tells me what is happening, for my case, on the chess board

And one I added in, the scene you are taping – tells you what exactly you are doing.

That’s my guide to my own little shotlist. Here is take a look at my finished (obviously) shotlist, after the shotlist, is some info you might wanna know about this project, but before that, shotlist:


What have you needed to do to prepare for your project?

I don’t think I have to prepare much actually, all I need is a chess set, which I have, a camera, check, a table, of course, tri-pod maybe? Yes or no, I still have that. And maybe my shotlist as well to see my script and everything.

What types of shots have you included in your shotlist? Why?

Basically close-ups of the chess board, that’s the main shot on my shotlist. On the board, I will be showing each and every piece, what a those pieces can do, and some other things like how you can win or lose. So I might explain what ‘checkmate’ is.

What is the next step for you?

The next step? Well… PRODUCING!!! Duh, what else do you think I’m doing? Personally, I think producing is going to be SO fun. I’m adding some new editing techniques, well, not really editing, but I just had an idea that I’m going to try. I’m going to spend a lot of time editing if I do this idea, but it’s going to be worth it.

After all this planning, I feel this video is going to go for 5 to 10 minutes? I don’t know, I might have to share this to the ENTIRE class. Oh well, it’s going to be good anyway, I hope it’s going to be good, I really hope. Well then, let’s just hope for the best, ’cause producing is next!

October 5

Which Side Shall I Choose?

Image result for thinking faceWell, another term, another project. So the main question, as the title suggests, is ‘What Now?!?!’. For me it is. No but seriously, what am I going to do? Let’s do what I did last time, check through all the ideas. Let’s see, done, no, no, no, no, no, done. Well that’s perfect. I’m going to have to think about this… Ok, after a lot of thinking, and some ideas from my parents, I’ve thought of what I’m doing. Yep, I’ve thought of it. Yay. What is it? Meet me in the next paragraph ’cause this one’s a bit too long.

Image result for welcome backHi there, welcome back, continuing on, I’m doing a… [dramatic pause/music]… a film about: ‘The Basics of Chess’. Yeah? Yeah? Good idea? A lot of people have had a conversation with me about my hobbies. I say, ‘I enjoy chess’.  And they say, ‘Oh chess! Ha! I’ve tried but it’s so confusing!’ Yes. It can be confusing, but really, it’s not that hard. I’ll be talking about everything that has to do with chess. Well, the basics really. Some facts, information, tips maybe. All those sort of stuff.

What is the purpose of this project?

The purpose of this, is to teach people what chess is, how to play chess, and some history about chess. Like when it started, who invented it, etc. Some other things too. I’m not the best at chess, but I can probably teach a thing or two.

What is the message that you are communicating?

My message is that I personally enjoy chess, I have a passion for it, I think it’s a great mental game. It helps the brain. It’s basically a mental sport. But not moving your body or anything. Just your brain. So I think other people should try it out and maybe start playing it more often.

Who is your project for?

Well, it could be for anyone I guess. I mean, chess is a popular game, and it isn’t suited for a certain age to play it. Anyone of any age can play chess. So, if you want to learn a bit about chess, or is just interested, you can check this film out. When I’m done.

What are you looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to start planning this! I can almost imagine the film done already, but it’s not, I still have a lot of business to do, like start planning, producing, editing, getting feedback-ing, completing, showing off-ing…

Here is my schedule:passion-project-schedule

When planning’s done, #planning will be in yo face ready to read, but back to the present, we are at the stage where we have almost finished our #description post. This has been a pretty short post. I have said all I needed. So now… I can start on my planning. Cool, bye. Wait, this post is not done yet… Nope… Not yet… Not quite… Almost… and… this post has officially e—

September 15

The Choosing of Choice Day

Image result for ChoiceChoice day is a day where you can choose what ever you want to do for 2 hours. Or less. Or more. Doesn’t matter. You get to choose what ever you do. Choice day, remember that. Definition: The day where you can choose. Yep. I think I’ve said that a few times already, oh well

For choice day, I was put into the ‘Countdown’ group. Here is the description:

Your task will be to build a projectile device capable of propelling a table-tennis ball accurately over a set distance. Maybe some other quick building challenges too… It’s up to you.

I worked with Lukas and sort of Zoe. Zoe made another gadget and didn’t really contribute with Lukas and I. Our device had a lot of power but little accuracy. We made a shot from out of the door at the five metre mark. How did we make it? Read on.

We got lot’s of icy pole sticks, rubber bands, hot glue. I hate the hot glue. I got burnt, let’s see, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, yeah, 7 times. And the worst, my elbow, it’s red now! Oww… I was using the hot glue and I burnt my finger slightly. So I pulled my arm back. And the I hit my elbow so hard on the tip of the glue gun. Zoe was holding it out straight for some reason, wait, I fell like swearing.


There we go. I’m happy. Oh wait, no I’m not


Ok, now I’m happy. Oh wait, no I’m not, joking. So she held it up and burnt me so bad I cried. Image result for crying gif

Ok, I didn’t cry, but it hurt a lot. Ouch. It was stinging so bad. But I fought it. I ignored it. I went on building my device. Soon, it was finished. It was supposed to be a sling-shot, but I gave Lukas the idea of making it a catapult. Yes, I gave Lukas the idea. I. The, catapult, is rad-looking one. It looks so sick. Well, it’s our creation/my creation.

We tested, saw others, it was fun. That’s the good part. Now, the bad part…

Image result for badTHE BAD PART

[Add the dun dun dun when you say the title]

I wish there was a sport on the list. Because everything on the list is ‘academic’. Let’s get active! Outside. I hope, next time, I hope there is a next time, there is a sport on the list. That would make me happy.

That’s the bad part done. [Sigh] Choice day was good. I hope it can be all day as well. Like… have the entire Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday as choice day. Ok, that’s all about choice day now. Bye.



September 13

Promoting Geelong

Mission: Make a promo-film on Geelong. Accomplished. 

Mission Accomplished Quotes

Few weeks ago. Our task was to: Make a promo-film on Geelong. Yep. I thought. Oh my, how are we supposed to do this? Well, I’ve done it! Surprisingly, I’ve done it. Yay. How? Well, let me tell you the story…

Back then, about, a month ago… an email was sent. To my teacher. It said something like this: You, are the chosen one! You, are chosen. To promote Geelong and make a film for us and we won’t pay you but that doesn’t matter does it?

Ok, it didn’t say that. Long story short. They want us to make a Promo Film Promoting Geelong to get kids to come to Geelong. The process was a hard, long, dreadful, frustrating time. We started of when My teacher got the email. She told us. We thought about it. We thought about it more. And more. And more. A little bit more. And then we understood.

First, we had to decide where we are going. It was decided that 6A were going to SupaTramp and Torquay. 6B where going to Balyang Sanctuary and Leisure Link. 6C where going to Eastern Beach. Then we had to get into film crews. I was grouped with Ben, Camilla, Zoe, Alex and Harriett. Then, we had to plan, we made our own shotlist’s to take on the excursion. Here, take a look:shotlist

Time to set off and film! We had a great adventure. Capturing everything through the eye of the camera. We took lot’s of footage. In fact, we took too much footage. But that’s good. Better taking too much than too little. Right? Right. After getting all the footage, and having so much fun, we came back and traded footage. We started editing on corel.

Corel was terrible. Lag, lag, lag, lag, lag and… lag. Next time, I should learn how to use Adobe Premiere. But in the end, I did it. The result was alright. I got feedback from other people. Then, looking at my feedback, I used it and actioned it. And, now, I have my second draft. Maybe final. I have gotten more feedback on my, final, draft. Here it is:feedbackAfter that. We had to hand it in. Want to see mine? And now, here, it, is. You’ll see it when you click more. Continue reading

September 9

I’m done. Actually done

I’m, drum roll please… More drum rolls… A bit more… A little more… Tiny bit more… Stop. I’m… drum roll please, joking. Ok, let’s get to the point. I’m… done… What? No cheer? No claps? No nothing? Rude. So, I am finished. Don’t believe me? I told you in my last post, this is the #complete post. Yes, this is it. This. Is. It. The. Hashtag. Complete. Post. Still no cheers? No claps? No nothing? What an audience.

So I’m done. I think I’ve said that a hundred times already. So, you’ll be seeing it right here, right now, currently, like actually now, like… now? Are you excited? Wow, this audience. Time out. Time out. Have a rest.Image result for time outHi, my name is Steven, I’m talking/typing to you right now, you should know that already. This is a fresh new start.  I’m finished.Image result for hoorayThank you, thank you, thank you. Do you want to see it? Image result for noDo we have to have another fresh start?Image result for yesYes what? Yes see my project? Fine, I’ll show you, but first: the boring stuff

My project indeed did turn out the way I wanted it to. I feel like I have done the intro to my film well. You’ll know what I’m talking about when you see it. I think I have improved in producing and planning. I was literally a head of time. I think I should have mentioned what a nunchuck is at the start. I learnt that I should always structure everything and plan ahead. I felt it was easier this project. I could have a particular story-line? My dad didn’t really understand my project…


Image result for boring quotesOk, that’s the boring part of this project. Now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for… is here: Continue reading