Touch Sensor and Colour Sensor


We were able to make it move forwards and when it hits something it turns around.

look at that! We also made a game with the touch sensor


(we haven’t got footage yet)


since we don’t have footage yet I will explain it first you press the button/touch sensor  and it will start running/moving  and as it about to go off the table you will most likely stop it and bean will say ‘oww’ and it will go back to the start and you will do all of that again.

you can also use the touch sensor to start the program like if you press the touch sensor you start up the colour sensor.


We used the colour sensor to make it start at a colour and end at a colour which is really important if you want to make a basic line follower. With this I can create a maze to see how well this works, I could also create a colour based game which you have to choose a colour and I would code it to go into the hole with the colour and if they get it wrong then they have to do it again. I think my group did well with the colour sensor stuff. ☆⌒(*^-゜)v

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