While we were editing we tried to add some techniques that would hook our audience and make our film look interesting. To edit our film we decided to go with adobe premiere pro. Because I am very familiar with this software and it would be a bit different. I learnt how to add backwards motion […]


While Milly and I have been producing our film we have had lots of ups, but also some downs… but that’s all part of the experience. Some of the successes that we have had is that we got all of our footage with great angles in the end, but, while doing that we also didn’t […]


To prepare for our passion project we have had to find the most popular bath bomb recipe because we figured that that would make sure that it wasn’t a fail and make a shot list that included shots that make sure that the message will get across to our audience clearly. In our shot list […]

Choice Day!

This week we had our first ever Choice Day. this day is when we get given a list of activities and choose one and we did that activity for 2 hours. my activity was mosaic madness. mosaic madness was doing mosaic on a tile. what we did was got a large tile, crushed up tiles, […]

Geelong by Kids for Kids!

Yay! i have finally finished my promo film for geelong and bellarine tourism. I am going to share my process with you all now so you can see what it takes to make a film Brief-First we got the Brief from our customers, Geelong and Bellarine Tourism. we got the brief through an email. a brief […]

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