What do other people think of what you have done for your project?


I only got three people to give me feedback for my film  and they all liked it but I had to make a couple of changes. I think they like it but to be honest  it goes for a bit long but I cannot really change it unless I take out a step out.


 What did you do to improve your project based on this feedback?


At first I got feedback from Henry and that was to add Music and me doing a test run to show that my billy cart actually works. So I added music but at the end I left 40 or so seconds so there is no music. I also got some feedback from Spencer and it was the exact same as what Henry told me, I also got some from Barnaby and it was that he liked that I explained every step.  


What have I been up to Week 8B Term 4

This week was are last week of home learning and our second last full week,  I have been doing:

Mathematics –

This week we have started a new project if you want to call it that and it is called life in numbers. You need to choose a number of some sort and then using brackets, division etc you need to have about 10 or so I think, maybe more.


English –

This week I finished my seed called clowns. We can’t publish any more pieces and I do not think we have any more WW sessions.


Inquiry –

It was our last week of doing our little project and it had to be rendered and put on the K-drive. Our film was not what to do at school and we rode Harry’s bike around school and doing a lot of naughty stuff.


file-1What editing techniques did you employ and why?


I did not do any of the fancy stuff but when I was looking for how to flip the footage I learnt how to reverse the footage and do a lot of other stuff.


 What editing software/app did you use?


For my i-project I have done it all on Corel like all of the other terms and it is the only one I know how to use.


 Did you try something new? If so, what?


I did not try anything new but because we filmed all of the footage on the side so I had to flip all of the footage and render all of it.


 Did you learn anything new about editing?


I did not find anything new about I learnt on format factory you had to render it in little groups not the whole lot. I did that at the start and I thought half of the footage did not work but I ask a teacher and she said to do it in little bits.  


What have I been doing at school Week 7A Term 4

Mathematics –

In Math’s we are doing it a few  different things  and our first lesson this week we did it in our own homeroom and the questions that you get given is a problem solving question. Then the next lesson you do the same up in 6A we go to 6B and we will get given a different question. It is a rotation.


English –

This week in Writers workshop I started a new seed called clowns and I also published another piece called Homework.


Inquiry –

During this week we got all of our filming done for our personal project but I think we need to do one more little film. We are rendering all of the footage on Callen’s computer. Harry also brought his bike into school so we could do some filming and the majority of it is on the bike.


What are some of the successes that you have had in producing your project?


We had all the rite sizes of wood and we also had enough spray paint which was one can of spray paint. When we measured the axels I thought it would be the wrong size and the holes in the wrong spot but it was all in the rite spot.  


What have been some challenges that you have had to overcome during the process?


I had three challenging bit’s in my #production and they were: My first one was that my Dad and I had to make our own axel and our big drill was really weak and it took us really long to do it. The other one was that we thought we had the rite nuts and bolts and we did but they were too short. The second last one I had my Mum and I went really silent and we herd trespasses on our farm so Mum and I chased after them. The last one I had was trying to get the paint of me and I still have it on me.  

How did you overcome the challenges?


With the nuts and bolts luckily we were going into Geelong that night so we went to Bunnings and got the rite length. With the axel’s Dad and I just kept on trying and we finally got it down it took us like thirty five minutes. With the trespasses we just let them go.


Weekly Reflection Term 4 Week 6B

Hi everyone this is what I have been doing at school this week.

Mathematics –

In Math’s groups this week the first one I went to was the area one and I did not quite get it so I went to it again on Wednesday and now I get it. In problem solving it was our last week of doing it for the year and this time we got 3 questions not 2 questions and they were really hard but they were good. In project math’s we did not have it because of swimming but we had one and we did a Math’s test and it was today.

English –

This week in writer’s work shop I conference another piece and it is called Gorilla’s and we did it with Mr. Wade.

Inquiry –

In inquiry we have started a new project and it is whatever you want to do but you can not do trick shots. Harry H, Callen and myself are doing not what to do at school and we started filming today.

Image result for cute baby gorillas


What have you needed to do to prepare for your project?

For my i-project I have had to go to bunnies and gets some wheels and wood for my frame and today my dad is getting my 2 axels for the billy cart. Have all so had to ask Dad what days he is home so he can help me.


 What types have you needed to include?

I do not have any particular shots that I am going to do and it is mainly going to be a wide shot so you can see me and the Billy cart in proses. But in my film for #planning and all of that I will be doing peace to cameras.  


 Why? What is the next step for you?

Tonight I am starting my i-project (even though I have already started the frame) and I am going to put it all together but not the axels and wheels and then I am going to pull it about and then paint it. The resion why I will pool it about is because I will know were all of the halls are.

Image result for planning word

Weekly Reflection Term 4 Week 5A

Mathematics –

In maths groups this week we only had one session because on Monday we had a public holiday and on Wednesday I learnt about the perimeter of irregular shapes. In problem solving we have our last three questions and they look pretty hard from having a little look and it is due next Thursday morning.

English –

So far this term I have done 4 published pieces and they have been Grandpa’s farm ute, World War One, 25/05/1015 and Depression. I also started a seed called clowns.

Inquiry –

In inquiry this week we have a new project that we are working on and you could go in groups of 1 to 3 people and you sort of need to make a film about whatever you want but you can do no trick shots. Harry H, Callan and myself are doing what not to do at school.

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What have I been doing at school Term 4 Week 4B?

This week has been a busy week because we have got a lot of things due and we also have causal clothes on Friday for the Aboriginal and we need to bring a gold coin or more.

What have I been doing?


In Math’s groups this week we had to have our angle project due by Wednesday and we had a little time to work on it in Math’s groups on Wednesday for half an hour and the other half an hour we had the Math’s post-test about angles. In project Math’s we are still doing algebra but we have started to do patterns.


In Writers work shop I conferenced two pieces and they are good to publish and I have already down it and they are called 25/5/1915 and Depression. Here they are:


Hopping of the boat

Dodging the Turkeys bullets

BANG, down I go



Depression is dark Black

It taste horrible

I smell the anger, why am I going through this

I see everyone staring and looking at me

I hear people talking behind my back

It is messing with my head

In Litres we do not have it this week because Mr. Wade junior is on the year 4 camp and Miss Williams is away somewhere.


In inquiry this week on Wednesday we had to have our first draft due for our Zoo film and then we got some feedback and went and fix it up and our final Zoo draft is due on Friday and we need to put it on the K drive.

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What have I been doing at school Week 3A Term 4

Mathematics – Problem Solving

In maths groups this week I learnt about the angles and what they are called. They are acute, reflex, straight and obtuse. In project maths we are learning about algebra and I am slowly starting to get it. In problem solving on Thursday we had to hand in question 1 and 2.  Miss Torney showed my book in front of the class.

English – Writers Workshop – Seeds | Drafts | Edits – Writing Log –

In writers workshop on Wednesday we did some poems with Mr Wade and I did my two about a beer bottle and depression and I put it in for conference. I also started a seed called danger in a fight.

Inquiry – Zoo Script

In inquiry this week we had to start wrapping up our first draft that is due on Tuesday and we also had to do our voice overs. And the people who lost the cameras had to do their piece to camera in the green screen.

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