week 5 robotics

me and my group could do pictures and sounds like (hello world and I feel sick) and put our faces on it. We used a program to control the robot to do degrees, rotations, Images, Sounds and you can even make it activate different types of sensors. There were colour sensors, touch sensors, ultrasonic sensors and much more.

Lesson 3 & 4 Turning

Lesson 3 & 4 turning

me and my group made our robot turn like a right and lift for lesson 3  & 4 and we did it so it can go around the rulers and we had to measure so it was perfect otherwise we would not finish the challenge .then when we finish the challenge we could go on to then next challenge.

robotics week 2

robotics week 2

Me and my Group made a ramp out of books so it could go  over and go down the ramps for the robot out of clipboards and books. One of the ramps we made was very big and steep, our robot  fell down the ramp. We made our robot go forwards and backwards between two books using degrees, seconds and rotations. We also learnt how to use port view. It was very useful as we could make it go between the books very accurately. and will you our sensors



day 1 Lego robotics

Group members: Noah, Oliver, Liam, Cadel

my group made a Lego robotics with Small bit of Lego and some of big bit and 2 Motor. we programmed it to go  backwards and forwards left and right. And will all had jobs to do like Cadel hade to make the robot and Liam helped Cadel make it my and Oliver job as running around to finding the pieces  and it was very hard to find.


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