May 28

digital Etiquette

Flaming / Flame Wars.                                                                                                             

is a person that wants to come in on arguments and, or post something to hurt someone with mean hurtful conversation message.


a person that starts a argument between 2 or more people.


a person that never says his/her name or shows there face.

communicating clearly

use slang words.

like. m8-mate, g8-gate, and many more,

using emojis


is when you act just like you do in real life, but on the internet you say mean words






May 24

photography {passion project}

For my passion project I decided that I love taking photos, so for my passion project I made a website on wix for the first time.

I made photos over the last few weeks and inserted it in my website and this is my first few photos I took of my loved ones and suroundings


May 22



what have I achieved so far

I made a website on my photography, I post photos of me, my loved ones and my surroundings.

What successes or challenges have you experienced so far?

Ive been trying new angles and ive been trying to use a new camera

What is the next step for you?

making plenty more photos of my surroundings.

What type of learning have you done to upskill yourself

I have been doing different perspective of view and learning how to balance your pictures


May 2



I’m doing photography for my passion project. Ever since I was young It has been my passion taking photos of animals, insects and nature.

I have a special camera I would use if I do take photos of nature it is my Samsung galaxy and this is a photo of my camera