November 20


in sewing we made bags out of fabric


that is what the bag looks like  it took me 4 sessions to finish all of it doing. this was very fun

the first step was to cut out a perfect rectangle in fabric then we had to sew the sides in a zigzag way

November 8



The teacher sent us a email of a app where we can make spinners on it because we have been learning spinners in math class. we made a spinner and I did peach is half of the spinner and white, red, blue, purple then I spinned the spinner 40 time by typing how many times I wanted to spin it, the peach has a 50% chance on being spined on

November 1

Makey Makey

I learnt what a Makey Makey was during a design lesson,a Makey Makey is a programing box with cords and wires alligator cords.

On the first lesson of Makey Makey we were put into groups my group was Tiana and Claire

 the fruit we got was a banana, orange, apple, kiwi and a pear and we made up names for them. their names are bossy banana, little miss apple pie, orange juice, cutie kiwi and precious pear and we made a video of me Claire and Tiana taping the fruit then the fruit would say something funny or something crazy, we programed the fruit to speak on scratch we programed the fruit to speak coming out of the computer



fruit punch was the name of the group all together

you put the alligator cords inside of the fruit and program the fruit on scratch then the sound would come of the computer you have make a voice recored