July 22


on the first week back, in design we were told to watch videos of how to work the app scratch.

scratch is a app we have on our laptops.                                                                    you can make games and things on scratch we told to watch a tutorial video on our first task. we were told to make a car and a race track.

this is my car

this is what my car looks like

this is my race track



this what the start of my program

since 10 steps was really small steps  I needed to put down 10 steps 22 time then I needed to put down turn right 15 degrees 5 times.


there were 7 tutorials we were instructed to watch so it can help us with our sprit a sprit is a character made by you.                                                                                    we were meant to  programed the sprit.

Sprite                                                                                                                                       the first tutorial was how to make a sprit, we were aloud to make our sprit as anything, some people made animals and other things but I tried to make a emoji that moves.

this is my sprit


we were all meant to go on costumes  and make 4 of the same emojis that have something new on each one.


After that The teacher taught us how to make an account online so we can play and program games.

our first task was to make a sprite dance it took me 2 days for me to finish everything but my sister helped me with some parts

After that we had  another task. Our task was to make our sprite do something but we had to use only 10 special blocks

these were the blocks we were aloud to use

Those are the only blocks we were aloud to use

debuge it

people made apps that dosen’t work and we have to go inside the program¬†and make the app actually work after we finish 1.1 then we have to do 1.2 and keeping going on until we ran out of time. 1.1 was the easiest to me.


for 1.1 on scratch we had to make the gobo dance with scratch here is a screen cast of what I did.





About me

about me was when we had to program 2 or more sprites to communicate with you. the sprites has to tell you something that the you may not know then maybe ask you a relatable question.

this is a snip of my about me.

after that¬†I decided to make my sprite give a quiz to the audience but¬†I need to finis programing all¬†of my questions that I’m going to add in the quiz.

what is build-a-band

on scratch our task was to build-a-band 

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