February 24

cereal box marble run

in design we started to make our own marble roller cereal box. The teachers asked us to bring a cereal box from home to school. we first started a design in our books.

then we got to cut it and make your own marble roller.it was hard because we were only aloud to use 30 cm tape and we had to use it very wisely.

Mine took about 3 seconds to roll down the sloop all the way to the bottom but my video took 5 seconds.I repeated over until I got it. my first try didn’t work.my second try didn’t work. but my third try it finally worked.

this is my movie maker video

after we did that we went on our laptops and went on moviemaker and we made a movie. in our moviemaker we had to add our first attempt video. then we had to do our last attempt video and the materials.

doing this project i enjoyed it because it was fun and hard doing this project.


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