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Robotics Term 3

Session 1

So we have been doing Robtics and we had to do what is up the top the black line challenge and had to try and make the robot follow the line or go zig zag.

So the black line challenge is so where the robot has to follow a black line or go around a circle going zig zag. My robot had lots of fails but then we got it and up the top is a video and a photo of my program.

Session 2 9/8/17 

Here is a video of me explaning why my program didn’t work and why it did and some video and photos….


In design we had a task that was we had to draw a working program and test it and print a photo of the working program and stick in visual diary.

Session 3 1/9/17

Today in robotics we had to complete a squiggly line challenge


Session 1 29/8/17


Today in design we have been introduced to a new topic called sphero. It is where you can program or show where the sphero can go. We can also change the colour of the sphero. On the app we there is this thing that is called drive and we can drive the sphero where ever we want.

Here is a videos of today…