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Allegro Monday 29/5/2017

Allegro on Monday 29/5/2017

Today was the best day to spend allegro going to the Keith Humble Centre at Senior School. Today we practiced all day, after lunch we did a bit of a practice with all the allegro groups before all the parents turned up to watch a performance from all the year 5’s. So allegro is a program that runs in music for only the year 5’s. You have to play and instrument and at the start of the year, everyone had to try out all the instruments out. After you have tried all the instruments you would have to pick your favourite instrument; then you would have to pick their second favourite instrument and then their third favourite instrument, then the teachers will choses what they play. If someone already plays an instrument, they are put into an allegretto group that has stings, wind and brass and much more.

On the Monday we all got put into our instrument groups and practiced then we did a couple of little games with all the groups then we got into a big big group with all the instruments and practiced till the perents arrived and then we all pefored a piece called Go Go Allegro and Allegro Con Brio and each instrument group preformed a piece to everyone and we performed a piece call Three Flying Flutes and it had 3 different parts.


Micro Worlds

      Micro Worlds

Session 1 18/5/2017

Today in maths we explored micro worlds and everyone made something and I have made this really cool flower and much more… her is a photo of what the flower looks like and all the codes for all my things I have made on Micro World.

Session 2 25/5/17

Today in maths we got a challenge to write and we had to write our first letter of our name. I wrote the letter L but it was very hard trying to get it perfect and all of the angles and lines were probably the hardest out of the letter L for me. I haven’t done my last name for the first letter because I was trying to perfect my letter L.

Here is a photo of the letter L…

Letter L

Here is circle I made and the codes for it. It was not as herd as the letter L but it was hard to try and make it a proper circle and not a square shaped.

Codes for the semi circle and normal circle…

Session 3