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     Rube Goldberg Machines

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Session 1 21/4/2017

Today in design we were put into groups of three from each class and we were asked to make a Rube Goldberg Machine and witch is a machine that can do what ever your aim is, such as putting a piece of paper in the bin and much more. My group made a Rube Goldberg Machine that was made out of: a toilet paper roll, dominos, golf ball, box witch stood the toilet paper roll up, marbles and much more. Here is the title of what we made.. Pop up Flag and a Falling Hammer and here is a photo of what we made…


Here is a video in progress and some photos:


  Pulley- Session 2 01/05/2017


Today for the next 3 days we are doing rotations with all the teachers. Today in design we got some piece of string and wire and got a yogurt box and threaded the wire through one side of the yogurt box to the other and then got the pulley and then witch looks like this and then we got the wire and made in a hook shape then hanged up to show how the PULLEY was made. The aim of the session was to try and pull the yogurt box with marbles in it with out them falling out.

Here is a video of what we did today:



Chain Reactions- Session 3 2/5/2017

Today I was with Mrs Watson and we started building  Lego and had to make a machine with Lego and I was with Hannah and we made a thing that looks like this… and the aim was to try and make something go wow and this is what it looks like…

Here are so photos and videos of what we did today:



 Carousel- Session 4 3/5/2017

Today I’m in a group with Abby, Josh and Oli.W and we started to make a carousel out of connects and it was a very challenging thing to do and it had SO many pieces in it and we only got a little bit of it done and here is a video of everything we did today and press the link below to see the  video…


Here is a photo of what the carousel…


Joining- Session 5 5/5/2017

Today was so fantastic and guess what I did today, you know how I have been talking about all the three activities we started today to join them all up and cause we built the Carousel and the lego and the pulley I decided to join with Poppy, Abby.B and Hannah and it turned out pretty well and the aim of the game was to try and do something pretty hard and cool so we decided to try and get something to hit the button witch too a photo. Poppy and her group for the Kenxs they made this type bull dozer and it was pretty cool because they had this hole in it and it was very easy because for the pulley we used a yogurt cup and it fitted perfectly in the hole. In Abby’s group for the lego they made dominos and with the carousel we got the last domino and joined it to the carousel with string witch pulled the domino to get off the button to take the photo. With the pulley the aim was to try and get the pulley to hit the dominos witch hit the button and then took the photo.

Here are some photos of what we did today…


      Popping a Balloon- Session 6 15/5/2017

Today everyone got put into groups of 3 but my group was a group of 4. Within my group we discussed what our aim should be and decided to make the aim to pop a balloon. My group started the design and we came up with a aim that was… popping a balloon. I am in the middle of designing what it is going to look like. Our aim and purpose is to pop a balloon but we have lots of different simple machines and there is a photo down below of what the actual design looks like.

Here are some photos of my design but we start building on Thursday…

Session 7 18/5/2017

Today in design we have started to build our Rube Goldberg Machine and our simple machines are… Balloon popping, pulley and much more. We had to test if the balloon would pop and it had a lot of filers and then it worked and it worked once then we tried to get the pin out then it piped a balloon again and everyone SCREMED. We are going to build the simple machines and everything else with – cups, wire, string, cardboard and much more. The aim is for the marble to roll down the tube then at the end of the tube we put a pin to pop the balloon.

Here are some videos and photos of today…


Session 8 30/5/17

Today in design we have continued with building our Rube Goldberg Machine. We have built our Machine and now fixing up some touches on it so it is worthy and always work…

Here is a video of all the photos and videos of today…


Session 9 1/6/17

Today with my Rube Goldberg Machine group we are starting to trial the machine and to see if it is reliable and will always pop the balloon and go through the hole machine without messing it up. We did lots of try’s but didn’t work out as planed.


Now here is a video of it stopping half way through…

Machine Good one 1.6.17-2b2zlsk

Session 10 2/6/17

Today we are fixing and doing some touches to the machine. The funny thing is when we were fixing the machine the balloon popped out of no were. With the fulcrum and the seasaw it has to be on a particular angle for the marble to go down the tube to pop the balloon.

Here are some videos and photos of the machine and there is one of me explaining…

the aim is to get the marbles to drop down and into the pulley which will make the pulley come up and come of the fulcrum then the car will roll down and hit a marble which will go down the tube where at the bottom of the tube there is a pin which will pop a balloon.

Session 11 15/6/17

Today in Rube Goldberg we have completed our machine and done a bit of some changes to it. We cut off some of the tubing and changed the set up of how it was done. Today was also the last day to work on it as we are going to do an expo with Robotics and Rube Goldberg. We have been asked to make a movie on the reflection for this rube Goldberg project. We unfortunately didn’t do anything new to our Rube Goldberg  machine but it worked every time.




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