Angles Investigation

Angles Investigation


Today in maths we did an angles investigation. On our computers we into a site that had a lot of choices of the different angles that we could play and some of them were on a line, protractor and we could play against other people. Each of these games we had a choice to turn off and on a protractor and we played on a 180 degree line and we had to cover up the answer and had to guess of what the answer could be.

Here are some photos of what we did today:


Today in maths we approached to use a 360 degrees and a 180 degrees protractor and make angles that we had to measure with the protractors and had to label the angles and measure the degrees of the angle then had to add all the degrees up to find the amount of degrees that was in the triangle.

Here is a picture of all my triangles:


Today in maths we got a 360 degree circle and folded the circle in half to make a 180 degree half and the cut the 180 circle into 3 small and big pieces and the glued them into our books and had to find the measure to all of the angles then had to add the all up to find the answer and we also used a 360 degree protractor.

Here are some photos that we have done today:

Here is a photo of the 180 degree angle:

Here is two photos of a 360 degree circle:




Today in maths we did we made kites and estimated what the angle degrees would be.

Here is a movie that Ella made and a video of explaining our strategies…


When I mean we estimated what the degrees of the angle would be we firstly guessed what it would be then we got a protractor and names the angles such as 90 degrees = a right angle, 110 degrees = a obtuse angle, 180 degrees = straight angle and 45 degrees = an acute angle and there are much more angles such as a reflex angle and much more.


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