Cereal Box Marble Run

Session 1:

Today 3/2/2017 we were asked to make a marble run. Not just any marble run we had to us a cereal box, 1 pair of scissors and 30cm of masking tape. It was so much fun. First we started with a seed then we wrote down how we were going to make the marble run and design it. I think next time I will be very wise with the marking tape because remember we were only aloud to use 30cm of marking tape.

Session 2:

Today I fixed my cereal box. I made it so it could stand up and finish at the right spot. This is what it looks like:

Session 3:

Today I and making a new marble roll and it as a cylinder so it goes slower then my other one and were still only allowed to use 30cm of masking tape, a cereal box and scissors. Now this is what my final product looks like:

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