Fay’s Nines

Fay’s Nines

For the past 3 project maths lessons we focused on a project called Fay’s Nines. In this project we had to make combinations to make 999. In the unites column it had to be going down 9,2,8 but it could be in different combinations and it has to add up to 19, and in the tens column it had to add up to 18 and in the hundreds column it had to add up to 8.

I was trying to find solutions by guessing and checking all the solutions I found. Here are some photos of my work.


I noticed that in the unites column it had to be 8,9,2 going down, and in the tens column it is meant to have 19 and 8 in the hundreds for it to make 999.

I broke my learning into lots of part and I worked on the units column and trying to find the best solutions then I did my tens column and tried finding the best solution for tens then i did the hundreds column and I was finding the best solutions for the hundreds.


I found the project a little but challenging at the start but then I got used to it and it got a bit easier when we we starting to finish the project.


Passion Project TERM 4 #REFLECTION


For my last passion project I have chosen to do a family holiday when I go to Queensland for my cheerleading comp because I love my family and cause I love cheer and that’s when there is a really big comp on in QLD where the whole AUS comes to this comp and it means a lot to me. I will be filming my family and some friends in my film. I will edit it on the plane on my way home and make my film.

RVE Religion #1

In RVE we had to use a double page and write about what they wear, what they eat, what sports they do and their religion and a drawn picture of your country flag. I did the United States of America.

The United States culture is not much different to Australia except in america they teach the kids some Spanish and some English.


  • Some American schools are taught  Spanish and English.
  • The string wheel is on the opposite side to Australians.
  • Americans drive on the opposite side on the road to Australians.
  • The weather seasons are opposite.


  • Americans speak English like Australians.
  • Americans speak more slang and Australians speak more posh.
  • America is 17 hours and one day behind Australia
If I lived in America I would go to the water parks more and definitely Disney land. There is also some important days in America that we don’t have in Australia and I want to experience more then just Australia.. If I lived in America it would take me a long time to get used to driving on the opposite side to what side we dive in Australia.


Building Views

Building views

The activity was where we got a sheet and we had to make the shape on a template with these blocks. There were 5 buildings that we had to make for the first activity. When we built the building we had to copy the building in our books and had to draw the front view and the side view but all the views had to be the same and it couldn’t be bigger then what we had to build.

For activity two we got a sheet where we had to build the buildings and we had to build how many blocks we could put in the building without changing the view. We did the same trying to put however many blocks in the building without ganging the front or side view but we had to find out a way to try and make the building with however many blocks you need to make the building and without changing the view and use the most minimum of blocks to make shape without changing the views.

I found challenging building the buildings with blocks because I would always miss a block or put to many in the building. I also found out that making the actual buildings with blocks is harder then just looking at the building on the sheet and just drawing it in your book without blocks.

I learnt that when I was building the building on both 1 and 2 sheets I put blocks were it would change the view so I learnt to look carefully when building the buildings. I also thought for sheet one for the side view when we had to draw the front and side view I then found out that when drawing the side view you have to look at the side of the building but draw it like the front view.

Lost Princess


The movie was about a lost Princess who was getting bullied online and she thought that there was a boy that we as young as her, but he was actually a grown up trying to get all her personal information and going to take her away, but next time never trust online people unless you meet them in person.

Kieran was addicted to video games and by the age of 15 he went to a doctor to help him to forget about going to play video games and now he was trying to take a little girl away and he was lying to the lost princess and then when Kieran when to meet the lost princess and then Kieran went to jail cause its an only child enter.

They ended up resolving the problem by never trusting someone online even if they lie saying that there 11 but there actually 40 and there profile picture can always be fake. It just means that anyone could be lying in this world and we need to watch ourselves.

They could have been a better person and not to try and track someone up and take them away you want to be the bigger person and not be mean and play games with people but don’t try and track them down be nice and be the bigger person.


Never lie to someone online and never trust anyone online unless you know them or have meet them before.

Passion Project #2

Cheerleading Poster 

So far for my poster I have started to write and draw some of the things that are going to be on the poster. I will hang my national champ medal and some photos from my comps. I have started to write some of the writing on my computer so I wont be able to show you any of it but I can show you a picture from one of my comps. I have got a blue square of cardboard that I’ll put everything on and I’ll work on it in the next week or so. I will include how many hours I train and things out cheer.

Passion Project term-3 #1


For my term 3 passion project I have chosen to do a poster about cheer. I will include how many hours I train and what teams and what level and what club and other things about Cheer. I will make a sort film on some tumbling but I will show manly on a poster.

I chose to do this for my passion project because my hobbie is cheer and I practically live at cheer so that’s why I chose to do cheer.

Supplies: cardboard poster, scissors, glue, tester, pencil, pictures, stickers etc. I will manly get my supplies from office works and the picture will get printed at office works.

Passion Project #3


I think that I achieved what I always wanted to and it went well though the progress and the video is done and edited so its ready to share. I learnt how to put what music I wanted to because II hat to download all all the things I needed for the film to be complete. I think I could have done something that includes having a more clear voice, slowing down when show what things to do and maybe better camera angels. Here is a photo.


Win At The Fair

The past few weeks in project maths, 6C has been working on a project called “Win at the fair.

Our first session was where we got given a sheet with either dollars or cents on the sheet around the boarder. Here is a photo of what the first board looks like.

How you play. “First you put your counter on the “start” tile, then you want to roll two dice and you follow the directions on the tile underneath the start tile. Once you have landed on a win prize you go back to the start and then roll again and you want to record the data.

Here is the data we recorded as a 6C class

The next session we played a game where we could design our board however we want. You could change how the dice moves and the money around the boarder and we also could do this thing called a black hole. A black hole is where if you land on it you have to re-start and you don’t get any money. Here is a photo of what our design was.


In the same session we got given a task to make our board on maths 300. Maths 300 is where there is many of games on it, but we manly focused on “Win at the fair”. We could do anything on the board we wanted to but this time we weren’t allowed to have black holes. Here are all my tries that Blythe and I figured out. I thought that our board was quite successful and that sometimes we landed on black holes and that wasn’t fun but though the time we changed our game board on maths 300.