#Zoo Film reflection

Hey Everyone,


We have finished our zoo film protect. I did the Australian Fur seal. I did it because It was different and I  wanted to know more about the Australian fur seal and what their talents are,  why  are they endangered. What they eat. What’s their behavior and lots more. When I was researching about the Australian  fur Seal the website I was on is the Melbourne zoo website. I looked at the facts on the website and listed some facts and wrote them into my own words. I then looked up what is making Australian Fur seals endangered, and it said, it is:

  • Plastic bags getting dumped into the ocean
  • Old fishing lines getting dumped into the ocean when finished fishing
  • Not using sustainable fish so seals cant find their food.
  • Poaching and getting hunted for the fur and blubber. To make soap out of the Australian fur seals blubber. Also making  clothes out of their fur.

Excursion to Zoo 

The things that went well at the zoo is I got amazing footage and we saw most of the animals. The things that didn’t go to plan is that whenever I was doing the piece to camera little kids kept on getting in the way and the audio didn’t work. So what I did to fix it is I filmed it outside quickly and fixed the audio.


When I was editing I had a lot of problems with corell. My videos didn’t link I had trouble converting. Because I had to convert the videos 8 times and they still didn’t work my voice over didn’t work. My music was too loud. My music kept on deleting. Aftyer all that happened then i got some feedback on my fillm they said  fix your film. So i fixed it up.

  • I turned my music down
  • I turned my voice over up
  • I trimmed my piece to camera where the audio didn’t work
  • I fixed the blank spaces
  • I trimmed my music
  • I added all the footage
  • I added my credits and rendered it


Here are some of the feedback that my peers gave to me.

I loved your film Issy you really had a strong message- Lily

Good footage you used – Steven

I liked the words that you used and how you set all of the pictures and the videos in the right place. -Georgina

The information was great i loved the footage- it is really clear!!-Clara

Tom- The message is really clear and the words you said was really powerful.

Your music was nice, your facts were good and I liked your footage. – Nick

I like your message. I also like your footage and choice of music – Rory

I like your message. i also liked how your music matched your voice- GusH

your message was very powerful-sergej

Your images made the message stronger – Isaac

The voice overs were clear – Max

Your script was brilliant, and the facts you used were awesome. The voiceovers were done really well, and the music was quite good. – Angus

The music is really good. It was interesting how you mentioned your name, and that you were lending your voice to the Fur Seal. The footage supports your message. – Cecilia



Here is my Film:


Issy Out!!

#Description Post


Hey everyone In this post i am going to talk to you about what I am doing for my Iproject, who I am doing it with and why I am doing it. My Iproject is going to be making a spoon lamp. The supplies I will need will be: Lamp stand, Liter bottle, Hot glue gun, 112 Plastic yellow spoons, Stanley Knife and Green card stock paper.

I am going to do this project with my brother Charlie. He’s going to help me along the way. I am doing this activity because I want to do something different than my other Iproject so I decided to do a Craft activity.


Advertising Film Reflection

Hello everyone,

In inquiry this term we have been working on a new project for an actual client. We are making promotional films for Geelong and Bellarine tourism. The films we’re creating are called Geelong- by kids for kids because a kids perspective on Geelong would be more appealing to our target audience. Our target audience of these films are kids and parents. our goal is to make Geelong to look super awesome and fun and have lots of activities and fun places to go to and lots of opportunities.

Lots of organization and hard work went into this project. We went on excursions and collected footage.


We got into groups and started planning. Each class went to a different location so that all the footage was different. To form the film crew there are two people in each class to collect a variety of footage from the locations we went to.

The locations were that 6A went to Torquay and Super tramp, 6B went to Barwon Valley Park, Balyang Sanctuary and Leisure Link and 6C went to Eastern Beach.

Once we knew who was in our film crew we started planning with shot lists. We had to make sure that in the shot list there was information on the location, the point of interest, camera angles and timing. Even though our shot lists helped on the day, we sometimes improvised if we saw something we hadn’t planned for.

The day of the excursion dawned bright and beautiful. The atmosphere was incredibly exciting. We couldn’t wait to get started! When we got to our first location and started filming though, there were still some things we had to think about like if there was anyone else in the shot we were getting, if we had taken good quality footage and if we had gotten enough footage.


  • Brief – Geelong by kids; For kids.
  • Research / analysis of existing film on client’s site
  • Locations
  • Partners – Planning Shotlist (film crew)
  • Production – filming on location
  • Sharing of footage / Culling and Converting footage
  • Editing
  • Feedback
  • Implemented feedback

Partners- My partner for this film was Jade and my group were Harry , Max , Angus Harrison.


  • Leisure Link
  • Balyang Sanctuary
  • Eastern Beach
  • Torquay
  • Super Tramp
  • Barwon Valley Park

I hope you like watching my Film

Thanks Issy

Term 3/Week 5A/Reading Log/

The Enchanted Woods

Hey Guys,

I am currently reading the Enchanted woods

Characters Actions Places Feelings
Astonished As Quick as Lightning’ P13 Exciting Scared
Adventurous fast Biggest Surprised
Sleepy growled Birthday land Upset
Active Groaned Roundabout land anxious
curious Slide Faraway Tree Worried
Peepy sreeched Forest Gloomily
nervous stick Enchanted Wood frighted




Term 3/Week 5A/School Subjects/

Hey guys, ?

I want to tell you what we have been up to in school this week. The main subjects we have been doing are Maths, English and Inquiry. When we are not in the classroom we like to do sport, music and art.

Maths- during Maths we have been working on crazy animals in project maths, we have worked on different strategies to find out many combinations of how many body parts it has and how many variety of animals you can make. We have found a quicker strategy which is the Tree Diagram. In maths groups we have just been working on variety’s of clinics and sessions we can go to. To help us easier to understand maths. In problem solving we  are working on our maths problems we have to solve at home.

English- during English we have been working on Writers Workshop, writing out seeds, drafts and publish pieces and conferencing in our groups. We have also have been doing  Religious Value Education working on cultures and communities of what the values and social behaviors and customs and religions they have in different countries. My country I have been exploring is Peru. We have also been working on Shared Inquiry reading a book with each over and writing what we don’t know and questions about the book, and also discussing and focusing on a focus question.

Inquiry- during Inquiry we have been working on Student Led Conferencing which we did on Thursday. We have been working on our Promo film to promote Geelong to bring their kids here and show how many opportunities and fun activities and places you can go to in Geelong, our class is Focusing on Supa Tramp and Torquay. In Torquay we are going to show all the cool  surf shops and beaches and places there are. At Supa Tramp we are going to show how many cool trampolines and the cool rock climbing wall and the jungle gym for kids.


Reading Log

The Enchanted WoodsHey everyone,

I am currently reading this term a book called The Enchanted Woods

Its about that 3 children Joe, Beth and Fannie move right next door to an Enchanted Wood, and discover the Faraway Tree with its many different lands.

They make new friends, slide down the slippery-slip, and go to a fancy dress feast in the land of birthday!

We were given a task to do, to find out what the characters positives minuses and interesting parts about them?

The character I choose was a gnome . The gnomes character is a thief, mean and tricky the interesting and funny part is he try’s to find any way possible to steal the bag from the elves even getting caught and tripping over.

I will keep you an up date of the book.


week 3A/ Term 3/ School Subjects

Hey guys,

I am giving you an update of what I have been doing this week, the main subjects are Maths, English and Inquiry.


Maths- During Maths we have been doing Problem solving for homework we get two maths problems we have to solve by Thursday. We also have been working on building views in Project Maths. In Maths Groups we have been working on how to solve multiplication metaling with strategies and addition and subtraction.


English- During English we have been working on writers workshop. Writing out seeds and drafts and conferencing our pieces and working on our procedural text.


Inquiry- During Inquiry we have been working on a new project and we have been chosen to Promote parents to take their kids to come to Geelong and see what great and fun opportunities we have here for kids. We have been watching a few videos and filling out an analysis sheet of what it is about, how it makes you feel and what camera angles and shots they used.



Term 3/ Week 2B//Subject

Hey Guys,

I am giving you an up date of what we have been doing this week the main subjects are Maths, English and Inquiry.


Maths- During Maths we have been doing Problem solving and we were given a book to solve a Maths problem.

English- During English we have just been working on Writers Workshop writing drafts  and seeds and conferencing writing pieces.

Inquiry-  During Inquiry we have been working on our TED performances and we did them live on Thursday.



variety fresh herbs over white background. marjoram; parsley; basil; rosemary; thyme, sage
Herbs- parsley; basil; rosemary; thyme, sage

Hey guys,

We are doing  an Iproject this term again here is my idea for my Iproject it  is going to be a herb garden.


I am inspired by my grandparents herb garden. One day I would like to be a good cook like my grandmother because every meal she cooks she picks fresh, herbs  in her inspirational cooking.  I am starting with a herb garden and then maybe a vegetable garden.