August 16

Lego robotics semester 2

Week 1

This is the first week of robotics semester 2 and i am really excited. This week we had to draw a program that follows a black line and stops when it is touching a wall which was difficult to learn how to make the robot follow the black line. After we did that we could either program the robot to follow a squiggly line or you could program the robot to follow a oval shape. We got challenged  to try finish one by the end of the week.

Week 2

This week we basically did the same thing as last week. I manged to do the squiggly line but i didn’t have time to record it.

week 3

Today instead of using EV3’s we used sphero’s. Sphero’s are a little ball that has a motor inside it.We got told to program our sphero’s to go around some shapes and my group completed one of the shapes programming the sphero was a lot harder than programming a EV3. because the programming block are different.

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