May 8

Lego Robotics

This week we started robotics and robotics is a group of 3 people who have to build a Lego robot and make it work. So of course I did it and my group was a very good group I am happy with it. Before we started making the robot we did a little activity were we got a piece of paper and had to wright some commands down and change it to a short command like this we have to wright it very spesificly this is an example lift left arm up 90 degrees – LL_AU_90. after that we started building the robot yay this is what it looked like

Image result for lego mindstorm starter kit builtNext week I am pretty sure we are making the extension parts and we might programme it so that will be fun but that’s all.

today in design we did robots we had a task that the teachers gave us we got onto a app called (EV3 programing) we started a program and what we did is we had to program our robots to go to one side then back to the start this is a video we took of our robotIMG_1975-2bce9h4

This session we put on a sensor the light sensor

The light sensor

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