February 23

Cereal Box Marble Run

For our first term of design we were told to make a marble run out of a cereal box. At first I thought can we even do that?

We were told to bring in a cereal box, so I did but some people didn’t but that didn’t matter because we had 35 extra boxes. With firmness we were told we were only allowed to use 30cm of masking tape (which is almost nothing), a pair of scissors and the front part of the cereal box for the slope/ramps. First of all we were told to make a design/plan before we commenced construction. We made 2 marble runs each. The 1st marble run we could make was whatever we wanted to be but with the 2nd one we were instructed to make it as slow we could. Mine is relatively fast but it takes what I think it takes a longish time. Click the link for the video of my marble run.

My Movie-2-276jq9l


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