yo dawg this is my final product, check it out.   also in filming we got these two great photos. and in filming max came up to the camera and dabbed 18 times in 9 seconds. that’s all bro.


wassss up dawg I got some constructive feedback saying: ‘the wasted thing is funny’ ‘the ping pong shots are my favorite’ ‘the music suits’ some constructive feedback was: ‘the filming for the shot where olly drops the ball into the ring is to shakey’ that’s all homie.


what’s up my boys dig this. in my film at the start when I’m describing what an Iproject is I did text because it was easier to hear the music and it flowed better. I got lucky because all of my footage was compatible with Corell so I didn’t have to change its format. I […]

home learning

wasss sup my boy dis my home learning. in inqury my group finished filming on Monday except on Wednesday we reliesed that henry had a teer on his head so we had to reshoot that and on Thursday I’m pretty sure we will be filming a drone shot. in maths we have to redesign our backyard […]


so dis what I been doin wif me iproject. ben came over to my house and we filmed some stuff for our iproject. that stuff was bottle flips and a ping pong trick shot (which ben forgot to film). so anyway we have lots of good footage and we have some really funny footage of […]

#description (2)

sup my boyyyyyyyy, this my iproject post. Soooo I have changed my Iproject idea (again). My first one was failing so I started to help out another group and so I ended up joining them. They are Olly and Ben and we are doing trick shots. A few things that we will be doing are […]

home learning week 5A term 4

sup dawg In writing this week I was publishing my locker piece by making a locker out of cardboard. My plan is to stick the writing piece on the outside and decorate the inside with maggots, lunchboxes and old sandwiches. In maths this week we did a sheet on algebra and Rory showed us a […]

home learning week 4 term 4

sup boy this is my home learning, In writing I started to make a locker out of cardboard for my locker piece. It’s about 50cm high. For decoration I am going to add ripped up pieces of colored paper so it looks like moss or just makes it look dirty. In Maths our angles project […]

home learning week 3 term 4

in inquiry we started culling all of the trash footage and then putting the good footage into Corel. another thing that we did was start our voice overs so then we could get the footage to match what we are saying. in writing I started a seed about an apple and a seed about afl (I […]

iproject #planning

ok so I have changed my idea to, play 5 1v1 games of basketball and the loser of each has to something painful for the entertainment of you. another thing is that the basketball games wont be serious so its more entertaining. anyway… I worked out everything (I think) in these 3 documents. iprojoct-idea blog-diagram-basketball-court-thing-and-stuff shotlist-for-iproject […]