Week seven

this week we did touch we did touch sensors and that means we built up Circuit muffin even more. it was a bit mare of a challenge than some of the other things we did because we tried lots of things but they didn’t work. the things we did to fix these problems were kind of silly. first we first off we found out that we had the wrong sensor block in the code and second we fond out we plugged it in to the wrong port (ABCD) instead of (1234). Next we worked on colour sensors. these were really cool because you could have your robot go forward and when it reaches a colour of your choice you can make it backup and turn.


Last week Brian, Felix and I built a robot out of Lego (with many struggles). next we programmed it to go backwards, forwards and do a “dance.” it’s important to build this robot well so we get good marks and don’t flunk year 5. I can use what I learnt in things like robocup or if I want to make a robot for fun. Most of the time programming the robot was just trial and error. I think we did pretty well because we built the robot really fast and when we eventually did program it properly, circuit muffin (which is what we named it) worked really well. the next thing we can do is try to figure out how to use the sensors properly and maybe make it follow a black line.

(Me and Felix talking about our robot and Brain staring off into the distance)                  b