Home Learning|Week 8|Term 4

Hey guys, This blog post is the last one I will be doing for the year! Math’s In math’s this week we have started  a new project for our last two weeks called ‘Our life in number’ This is about writing you life in numbers. Say for and Example My age is 12 so to […]

Home Learning|Week 5|Term 4

Hey guys, In my posts now I will putting WW, Inquiry, English, Math’s. On the same post like what I am doing this time! Lets get into it! Problem Solving In problem solving this week and last week year six has been getting some really easy problems and I was wondering when it would get […]

Home Learning | Week 5b | Term 4

Hey guys, Writers Workshop Hey guys, This week in writers workshop I have completed my seed for the ‘what is your true element test (Will add a photo in next blog post)’ and started a new seed called ‘Siren’. For my piece called ‘Siren’ I had inspiration by the book that I have just finished reading called ‘The […]

Reading Week 4

Hi People, I have been reading a book called Not if I see you first,  I did manage to finish the book so here is the background of the story that might get you interested???The book is about a 16 year old girl named Parker who is blind and has to go through everything that we do now […]


I have been reading a book called not if I see you first. It amazing about a blind girl who is really smart and goes through some tough times.

Year 6 agreements

We agree to Respect ourselves, others and our learning environment~ I  am doing a good job of this I am respecting the classroom by putting things away after myself I am respecting others by properties and themselves equally as I am respecting me Respectfully listen using our eyes, ears and bodies~ I have been listening […]


Over the weekend I made a new scratch game it looks like this There are heaps of different controls I had a lot of fun doing it and I am now working on a new game called Pack-Man!