Home Learning|Week 8|Term 4

Hey guys, This blog post is the last one I will be doing for the year! Math’s In math’s this week we have started  a new project for our last two weeks called ‘Our life in number’ This is about writing you life in numbers. Say for and Example My age is 12 so to […]

Home Learning|Week 5|Term 4

Hey guys, In my posts now I will putting WW, Inquiry, English, Math’s. On the same post like what I am doing this time! Lets get into it! Problem Solving In problem solving this week and last week year six has been getting some really easy problems and I was wondering when it would get […]

Home Learning | Week 5b | Term 4

Hey guys, Writers Workshop Hey guys, This week in writers workshop I have completed my seed for the ‘what is your true element test (Will add a photo in next blog post)’ and started a new seed called ‘Siren’. For my piece called ‘Siren’ I had inspiration by the book that I have just finished reading called ‘The […]

Math’s: Problem Solving

Hey guys, Today we had our first lesson of maths problem solving. We were revised on our compulsory aspects so we know what to do and what you have to add. For e.g., you have to put in your thinking out, don’t erase you’re working out add an explanation and so on. Today we worked […]