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Hey guys,

This blog post is the last one I will be doing for the year!


In math’s this week we have started  a new project for our last two weeks called ‘Our life in number’ This is about writing you life in numbers. Say for and Example My age is 12 so to make that I have to do a very detailed equation so that my peers, Teachers and parents can see how old I am by working out that very question I made. A skill that you can learn in this is strategy and to learn to work backwards, as these will help you a lot on your journey. I have chosen to figure out how many days that I have been alive for. So I worked out how many days in a year. How many days that are in each and every month. And I am yet to find out about the leap years as they come around every four years.

Writers Workshop

In Writers Workshop this week we had our final conference session for our writers pieces. Luckily I had my piece fully conferenced in this session so therefor I have another Published piece to add into my Writers Gift. I also need to work on completing my pieces because I have started to publish them and have not yet completed the whole stage of publishing which I am very annoyed about! We also have to print out pictures to decorate our writers gift whether you have a A3 box a A4 box or a display folder it is always fun and nice to present your work that you have been doing all year in a nice beautiful, pretty way! for our writers gift we also have to add our scripts that we have made for our TED talk and our animal films. So far I have 7 out of 8 or 10 published pieces! I HAVE TO HURRY!


In Inquiry our due date to have our final drafts for the personal project (A project about what you enjoy, believe in, have faith in, enjoy and so more) are due this Friday. Luckily Emmaline and I have finished our films, sadly we have one giant problem stuck in our way and we cant get over it. We can not render it as the program has been playing up on my computer. I have tried restarting several times, then I had an Idea send it to Emmaline so that she can render it on her Laptop. Then I realized that she also needs all the footage which is a major pain!! So we have come down to the point where we have to kindly ask our teachers for help. If everything else fails then we are going to have to transition all the footage and film onto Emmaline’s computer so that she can render it. And if that fails. WERE DOOMED! hopefully we will be ok though!


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