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In Inquiry this week we (The year six’s) are on the breach of completed their personal projects whilst some are still busy doing their shot list still! Emmaline (My partner) and we have almost finished videoing for our film and only need a couple more shots to do. Yesterday was hard as most of the areas that we wanted to film at spots that were taken by little children (At the playground rom ELC or prep) And we needed to use some of the vacant class rooms for our film but they were locked so we went to the drama room instead, where we filmed one of our shots. I have also starting editing whilst Emmaline is helping to do some shots. I am really enjoying this project so far!

Math’s groups

In math’s this week we started a project called ‘Create A Garden’ It is pretty much where you have a 10,000 dollar budget to buy what you want to make the perfect garden for you like trees, shrubs, plants, tables, barbecues, pools, decorative lights, water features, pets and more really what ever you want! But you have one condition you have to use the shape of your garden at the moment. The cool fact about this is My mum and dad actually have to create our garden as we have a house building next door and we can also remake our garden so I thought that this project would be very cool as I can kinda create my own garden. Hard time asking for the pool spa swing set and so on.

Writers Workshop

In writers workshop I am really focusing on getting my publishes pieces fully published because I have started on them and have not fully publishes them! I am also working conferencing and editing more of my pieces as I have many seeds that I haven’t written a story to so I will also be focusing hard on that! I am also making my published pieces as creative as I possibly can to make it way nicer/neat for my writers gift!

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