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Hey guys,

this is my first reading rant and I only have one book because it took a long while to read anyway on with the story!


The Siren (Kiera Cass)

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At the very start of the story Kahlen who is 19 years old is traveling on a ship in the year 1900’s until they heard a beautiful amazing song. Everyone was swept of their feet to see who or what was singing the song, Kahlen also fell for the beautiful voice but fought for her life but couldn’t until the ocean and sirens offered a second chance in life as long as Kahlen works for the Ocean for 100 years as a siren. Kahlen has a special connection with the Ocean as they can communicate with the ocean and the ocean can talk to her. She has four sisters (Who also can comunicate, who aren’t really her sisters but are so close that they are called that (They are her siren friends who also work for the ocean) Yet little can comfort Kahlen when it comes time for the Ocean to feed. Kahlen and her sisters must sing so that ships crash and become the Ocean’s perfect meal. She cant make any close contact wit humans as she will not age but what happens when she does??

I have always been interested in books made out to be diary’s, but when I made the change just to try, I thanked myself so so much! So try something new you’ll love this book. Found in Fantasy.

This book was so amazing that I read it two times and hope to read it again, Although I have read it I also want a hard copy my self so I have asked for one for Christmas! Don’t have second thoughts as you will fall in love with this book in the first three chapters. NO JOKE! This is now my favorite book of all time and out of the hundred millions I have read none can even be close to matching this amazingly superb book. Don’t resist get it from dymoks or the library NOW! you will thanks me, trust me you will love it!

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  1. Wow Jade! This reading Rant looks great. I think i would consider reading this after all the description you have included. Amazing work!

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