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In my posts now I will putting WW, Inquiry, English, Math’s. On the same post like what I am doing this time! Lets get into it!

Problem Solving

In problem solving this week and last week year six has been getting some really easy problems and I was wondering when it would get harder. Well……. It did! For our last problem solving of the year before we have to hand it back to our teachers for them to mark. This week year six have been given three hard questions to complete in a week…A WEEK!

Question 1 (7): I have  already completed question one at school when we were given time (after our questions were handed out) to start rulingwin_20161104_071657-2 your pages in red pen and to write down the key inforation into our books. In that time I started and completed question 1 (7).

Question 2 (9): For this question I have not started and I was so confused as to what to do for this question. But just then I read over it and now I understand so I will be doing that tonight!

Question 3 (8): For this question I have already started it last night and didn’t really get it but looking back over it again I understand now, yay!!!

Writers Workshop

In this post I will be talking about Mater Class, today in mater class I was with Mr. Panckridge, his session was about getting better ideas or trying to find ideas and he also talked to us about twists in our story’s. I had a hard time getting ideas and that’s why I came to this session, so that I can write more of my ideas into a book and so on. I had two new ideas, one at the session called-dreaming, dreaming is about a girl who dreams of going to space, but she is bullied and people tell her that she can not go to space until one day a meteorite crashes and she finds it and the alien finds her… WHAT WILL HAPPEN!?

I have also had a idea last night could lost, about a girl who loses her teacher in the woods as her class go on a bush walk as she gets lost and finds…. SPOILERS!


In inquiry this week year six finished of their zoo projects for good and we started a new project that the teachers are soon to intruduce but that is in next lesson when we will find out. The next lesson we found out that we are doing a project called the ‘Personal project’ this is a project where you can do your own personal chose like something that you liked and enjoyed. The teachers said that you have to choose two be on your own (Do the project by yourself) Go with a partner (Work with someone on a project) or in a small group of three people. I chose to go with Emmaline and thats it. Then came the hardest part ‘The thinking’ (what are we going to do for this project) It took ys a while to chose and finally we agreed on a ‘Now VS then’ film. This film is about trying to get people of their phones, iPods and more. For e.g. when the text ‘Now’ comes up, we are sitting at a family dinner eating maccas as we are all on our phones and if the text ‘Then’ comes up and we are sitting talking to our family while eating a roast we all compared.





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