#Planning and #Production

Hey guys,

So far I am on the #production stage for my iProject, but I will now tell you about the #Planning stage and what I have done to make it to #Production. After I had finished my shortlist on what I want to create it came down to one thing, the clay. I carefully choose the colours out so that I know that I have the right ones to create my clay figures. After I had all the colours worked out I went on and made my Cow (Using my white pink and black clay) I started to roll the shape of my cow and add on the tail, horns, ears, nose and so on. Then started on my second creation the orange (Using the clay colours orange and green) I also used some paint for this creation!

In my shot list I have included, what I’m going to do to act in my video, The filter or text that goes on the screen as I speak, the transitions and so on, I have used these ideas as I have inspiration from DIY YouTube who have nice light filters, here is my document- 

The next step for me is to start to create my video! I’m going to try and use the shot list and make a nice space for my video to be (Using a solid colour). I will also hopefully use my mums tripod and video camera for my filming! Hopefully also use a time laps!



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  1. I can see that you are working really hard on this project a lot. How many clay things are you going to make for this project?😜

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